3 Vegetable Plants for Busy Gardeners

We know that there are lots of busy gardeners out there. You’re trying to get fresh food on the table, but you have all these other priorities as well. There’s always lots going on.

What’s the easiest thing to grow when you’re busy? In this video, Stacey shares three crops she likes to grow and why she grows them together.

Grow greens with ease and enjoy fresh food even when you are busy!

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Recipe for a Garden that Grows!

Nutrient-rich food grown right from home to boost your immune system and help fight disease… that’s what we call a homegrown health plan.

Plus, have you ever noticed how people who grow food laugh more and smile more?

When you follow Stacey’s garden recipe, you will see how it can take JUST MINUTES each day to grow vegetables and herbs for you and your family. That makes gardening a lifestyle of sheer joy.

It’s easier than you think! Get ready to grow!

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Growing Greens for Your Family

Homegrown tastes SO good…There’s nothing like fresh-picked vegetables and herbs, chock full of flavor. And when you grow your own, there are so many varieties to choose from so you’re never bored with your food!

Good News! You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own greens!

In this video, Stacey shares how much (or little) garden space you need to grow greens for your entire family. She will help you discover the space you need for YOUR garden!

Your garden doesn’t have to be big to yield big results or bring you joy. Sometimes the tiniest gardens are the ones that make the biggest impact.

If you’re growing greens, you ARE a gardener!

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