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Why Should We SAVE the BEE?

Honey bees are the only insect intricately tied to our food supply. One-third of our diet is currently derived from plants that require pollination, and in the U.S., honey bees are responsible for 80% of agricultural pollination! Without the services of honey bees, there would be no almonds or many of the other healthy fruits and vegetables we take for granted. 

The widespread loss of honey bees in the last decade has been linked to pervasive pesticide use, parasites, loss of foraging habitat and poor nutrition. With annual population losses averaging 40% nationwide, action is needed now more than ever.

SAVE the BEE is inspiring positive change to ensure the future of honey bees.

Led by GloryBee, the SAVE the BEE initiative is a partnership of researchers, beekeepers, businesses and consumers committed to protecting honey bee health by:

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♥ Increasing awareness of the role honey bees play in a healthy food supply

♥ Funding scientific research on the causes of declining bee populations and on solutions to enhance colony health

♥ Providing “best practices” education for farmers, gardeners and beekeepers

We are thrilled to have GloryBee Honey and Save the Bee as a sponsor for the Superfood Garden Summit.

Watch this short video to learn some fun facts about Honey Bees and to learn more about what GloryBee is doing to help SAVE the BEE!

Superfood Garden Summit is happy to have Save the Bee as a Summit Sponsor. Want to help save the bees? DONATE HERE and help support our favorite pollinator!

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Power Up Your Harvest by Adding Flowers to Your Garden

If you could add something to your garden that would naturally deter pests, entice pollinators, increase soil fertility, and add beauty to your garden…you’d want that, right?

What if we told you that thing would also increase your joy both in your garden and your home?

That it wouldn’t require much additional space, planning, time, or money?

That it could immediately shift your mood to a feeling of wonder and wellbeing?

FLOWERS are the most underestimated element to creating a thriving, diverse garden.

Sunflower Field

When many people are just getting started gardening, they often overlook flowers because they’re so focused on growing food. However, experienced gardeners know that growing flowers alongside your vegetables and herbs can have a BIG impact on the productivity, sustainability, and beauty of your garden.

In this video, Stacey walks you through all of the wonderful benefits you can find when you include flowers in your garden:

🌻 Increase your vegetable production by inviting pollinators into your space!
🌼 Grow your own fertilizer and compost.
🌻 Have medicine on demand growing right in your garden.
🌼 Increase the biodiversity of your space to deter pests and entice beneficial insects.
🌻 Add beauty to your garden with pops of color, and bring beauty inside with
🌼 Stop and smell the flowers: boost your mood with natural flower fragrances.
🌻 Embrace the unknown by bringing home new flowers that call out to you.

Mother nature is all about making connections! The productivity of your vegetable plants and the nutrient density of your food depend on the interactions between soil, water, insects, and other plants in your garden. Understanding how nature beings interact in your garden can help you harness the power of biodiversity so you can find more joy in your garden with less work.

But what flowers should you add?

The answer is…yes!

The flowers you add are all up to YOU: your goals, your space, your idea of beauty! A little bit of research and intuition are all you need. Grab that gorgeous flower that calls to you at a local nursery. Join a foraging group and learn about native flower species in your area. Incorporate medicinal flowers like echinacea and calendula for your foray into herbal medicine.

To help get you started, this video includes five important considerations when you’re choosing which flowers to grow:

🌻 What kind of ecosystem are you nurturing?
🌼 How much space do you have, and how can you use it best?
🌻 Do you want to grow perennials or annuals?
🌼 What flowers spark JOY and fill you with excitement and wonder?
🌻 Pick the right plant for the yields you want!

The video also includes the #1 mistake to avoid so you can get all the blooms without any bummers or blunders!

>>> Download the Adding Flowers to Your Garden Cheat Sheet now

Whether you’re looking for more abundance, health, beauty, connection, or joy in your garden, there’s a flower for that! That’s why Stacey calls flowers “food for your soul.”

Enjoy your blossoming bounty!