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14, 2024

Image of fresh vegetables on a table. "Improve Your Memory with Food!"

Food for Health Masterclass

Want to add years to your life?

In 2004, researchers from Japan, Sweden, Greece, and Australia, teamed up to find out if there is any one food that is consistently linked with a longer life span. The researchers found one food group that clearly added years to the lives of those who ate it.

Over the course of the study, every two-tablespoon increase in this food was correlated with an 8% reduction in the risk of death!

What is this food group? It’s beans and other legumes (like lentils).

There are 5 other foods that you want to make sure you’re eating — it’s all inside the Food For Health Masterclass.

Growing the foods in your garden that are scientifically proven to help you live longer will open doors to overall better health both mentally and physically! This Masterclass is guaranteed to open doors to a life of wellness and longevity.

Our good friends, dynamic father and son duo John and Ocean Robbins from Food Revolution Network, created this masterclass to get the word out about the best foods to prevent disease.
In the Food For Health Masterclass, you’ll learn 10 ways to outsmart disease, increase energy, lose any excess weight, and boost your odds of living a long healthy life.

Think about it — if just two tablespoons of beans can reduce the risk of death, what are all the other big tips you need to know about?

Image of fresh vegetables on a table. "Improve Your Memory with Food!"


Unlocking Nutrient Power in Microgreens

Growing microgreens is a huge step to achieving a healthier lifestyle, as they are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, planting your microgreens is only the beginning! It is crucial to grow them the right way so you can unlock the full nutrient potential they can offer. Without offering the correct nourishment to your microgreens, you are missing out on achieving a richer and healthier harvest.

A person holding a small chunk of microgreens

🪴 Grow Microgreens Anywhere Micro Course! 🪴

Growing homegrown, nutritious microgreens isn’t difficult…especially when you have our step-by-step micro course AND a great supply of “easy wins” seeds!

Here’s a quick sample of what you learn in this course:

This course provides everything you need to know to start
growing, harvesting, and enjoying your own microgreens right away!

🌱  Growing microgreens ALL YEAR ROUND in a small space

🌱  Growing delicious microgreens indoors or out

🌱  Buying high-quality organic seeds at affordable prices

🌱  Planting a wide variety of easy-to-grow microgreens

🌱  Germinating to grow strong and healthy microgreens

🌱  Watering your microgreens effectively and efficiently

🌱  Lighting cost-effectively to avoid seedling stretching

🌱  Troubleshooting the most common problems 

🌱  Budgeting with a done-for-you template

🌱  Harvesting your microgreens to prolong shelf life

🌱  Storing your microgreens properly for food safety

🌱  Growing your greens even easier with tips and tricks

Microgreens do not require a greenhouse or lots of equipment. To get started, you only need some trays, lights, soil, seeds, and water. 

They also do not require a lot of time. Typically, you can start harvesting within 2-3 weeks of planting your seeds. When you plant on a regular schedule, you have an abundant supply of fresh, healthy microgreens all year round.


[Video] Grow Your Own Greens!

There are over a thousand varieties of leafy greens—and not just lettuces. There are tons of flavors to choose from…savory, nutty, even lemony. Also, greens are full of antioxidants—the same antioxidants that suppress the growth of cancer! Unfortunately, you will probably never see anything other than a couple varieties of greens at your grocery store or farmers market.

That’s just one of the many reasons why so many people are now choosing to grow their own food.

With homegrown food, you unlock the door to hundreds of varieties that may offer more for your health and well-being including more flavor and nutrients. You’ll discover why people say that “homegrown just tastes better!” You’ll discover how to grow exciting greens chock-full of new flavors. Grow them as sprouts, shoots, micro-greens, salad mixes, or braising greens. You have lots of options!

Grow Your Own Greens
Bee Planting Lettuce

Weekly Garden Tip: 

When growing pea shoots (microgreens) choose a field pea. Pea tendril varieties are more for culinary garnishes and aren’t as tender or flavorful.

[Free Resource] Microgreens Seed Varieties Chart

Microgreens are grown easily, fast, and almost anywhere with minimal supplies and time. Commercial Microgreen Grower and Garden Instructor Crystal Meserole shares her personal microgreens seeding information for over 20 different varieties of microgreens in this week’s free resource.

Download your complimentary Microgreens Seed Varieties Chart to learn some of Crystal’s microgreen tips and tricks.

Microgreen Variety Chart Opt In TINY

Product Feature: Microgreen Trays

An integral supply needed to grow fresh microgreens is good quality trays. Our friends at Bootstrap Farmer sell top-quality, heavy-duty, USA-made shallow 5×5 trays that are ideal for small batch microgreens. These trays are made of BPA-free and FDA-grade polypropylene plastic and come in a variety of bright fun colors. You can get them with or without drainage holes, depending on your needs.

Bootstrap Farmer is so sure of the quality of these durable microgreen trays that they are backed by a 2-year warranty against chipping or cracking. Get yours today and start growing your own fresh microgreens right at home!

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: Why are cucumbers sometimes bitter? Can you tell by looking at them that they are bitter? – Diana

Answer: Hi Diana,

Great question! The bitterness in Cucurbits is caused by cucurbitacin. Cucurbitacin contains both medicinal as well as toxic properties. It typically stays in the stems and leaves but can travel to the fruit if the plant is under stress. This might be inconsistent water stress, temperature stress, or nutrient stress from poor soils. There may be other stressors, but these are the most common. 

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins has been hard at work this week in her garden! Pictured below you will see that her artichokes, lettuce, and rosemary are all coming along nicely. She has found the magic number in regards to hours of sunlight and amount of water her plants need! Unfortunately, slugs have taken a liking to her lilies. 😠

4 pictures next to each other: yellow lilly, artichokes, lettuce, and rosemary

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with Commercial Microgreen Grower, Crystal Meserole!

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WHAT: Interview with Q&A time to follow where you can get your microgreens questions answered!

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