Do you want a more resilient vegetable garden?

If you’ve ever lost vegetable plants to a pest or fought a voracious weed in the garden, then you’ve experienced firsthand how tenacious nature can be… Well, here’s the thing: Your vegetable and herb plants are just as resilient and persistent as all the pests, weeds, and diseases out there. It may not feel or seem that way at times, but they are!

Oftentimes, even a crop that appears decimated, can recover just fine. But what if you thought your whole crop was decimated when it really was okay? You could lose a perfectly good harvest! 🙁

Plus, holy kale!
Check out what Stacey found on her microphone during the making of this video!

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What’s the most resilient plant you’ve ever seen? What’s something that you’ve seen growing and then produce seeds even in harsh circumstances.