The secret to harnessing the full power of superfoods lies in the freshness. Imagine relishing a meal garnished with vibrant, nutrient-packed greens and herbs plucked straight from your backyard. Growing your own superfoods isn’t just gratifying; it ensures you’re getting the optimal nutrients your body needs to thrive. Right from your garden to your plate, here are some growing tips to supercharge your health.

Supercharge Your Health With Nutrient Powerhouse Kale

Did you know your planting strategy affects your yield AND leaf tenderness? A good strategy to increase yield and tenderness while keeping pests at bay is to plant kale 8″ apart instead of the typical recommendation of 12 inches. Then, harvest the leaves earlier when they’re smaller and more tender. Always leave 5-7 leaves on the plant. Less leaves can compromise photosynthesis but more leaves invite the pests in.


Here’s How to Supercharge Your Health with Garlic

Are you team hardneck or softneck garlic? Your choice should depend on your climate. Hardneck thrives in cooler climates and is rich in allicin, whereas softneck can grow in slightly warmer climates. But you should know: store-bought garlic should not be used for planting; it may harbor soil pathogens, or have been treated and fail to grow entirely. Plus, store-bought varieties aren’t selected for their nutrient content but rather for their shelf-life. So these garlics rarely have the nutrient density worthy of your garden space.

Supercharging With The Tropical Spice Twins 

Growing ginger and turmeric demands patience. It can take upwards of 8-10 months for these crops to mature under ideal conditions. Water these twins generously, but be sure your soil drains well to prevent root rot.

Did you know that not all turmeric is orange? Turmeric also comes in blue! Both require similar care, so why not grow a spectrum for your curries and teas? You can sometimes find this unique variety at one of our favorite seed suppliers: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (rareseeds.com)

Supercharging Your Health With Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of those vegetables that are considered a whole food. They’re so packed full of nutrients that the human body could survive for a long time just by eating sweet potatoes… that’s AMAZING! What’s more,  is that sweet potato leaves are also edible. So you can get the root and the leafy green veg all in one plant! Just be sure to harvest the leaves sparingly; over-picking can impede root development. 

Sweet Potatoes

Supercharge With Berries

For blueberry lovers, you need to know that this plant requires a certain number of chill hours to produce. Chill hours are the minimum number of hours of cold weather a plant requires in order to bear fruit the following season. Be sure to select varieties that suit your climate’s chill hour requirements. This ensures a bountiful harvest of these antioxidant-rich berries.

Elderberries are a superfood star, but you should never consume them raw. Also, be aware that only certain varieties are safe for consumption. Proper investigation and processing is key to enjoying their immune-boosting benefits.

Supercharge the Entire Garden

Did you know that filling at least 30% of your garden with perennial flowers and herbs can create a thriving ecosystem? This strategy not only beautifies your space but also fortifies it against pests and diseases. Remember: diversity means healthier plants and a more robust garden ecosystem.

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