Join us for the 8th Annual Superfood Garden Summit, the much-anticipated global event of the year for garden enthusiasts and health-conscious growers! This year, we’re delighted to bring you the summit early so you have the opportunity to apply fresh insights and strategies to your current growing season.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What’s Coming for You!

Stacey Murphy ignites our passion for DIY bioenergetics and electroculture. Murphy advocates for playful experimentation in the garden, incorporating elements like lunar gardening and biodynamic farming. By testing different techniques, Murphy encourages us to embrace a fun, trial-and-error approach to growing food.

Ocean Robbins, CEO of the Food Revolution Network, takes the stage to discuss “Supercharging Your Health with Berries and Greens.” Robbins spins heartwarming stories from his family garden while uncovering the importance of growing greens and berries. Robbins invites us to convert even the smallest spaces into nourishing food havens.

Superfood Garden Summit

Also joining us at the summit this year we have Charles Dowding, a proponent of No-Dig Gardening. Whether you’re delving into gardening with a few pots of potatoes and leafy greens, or you are a homestead grower, Dowding’s insights on no-dig gardening are sure to optimize your efforts.

Greg Peterson from Urban Farm U joins forces with seed-saving expert Bill McDorman to discuss “Seed Saving Hacks and Wild Seeds.” Dispelling myths about hybrid seeds and advocating for native ecosystems, Peterson and McDorman guide us through the strategies for seed stewardship and resilience-building in our own backyards.

Who Else is Coming to the 8th Annual Superfood Garden Summit?

Rounding out our expert lineup, we have Michael Kilpatrick, who will help you transform your backyard into a berry paradise, Kilpatrick covers the cultivation of elderberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries with a side of rhubarb. Marjory Wildcraft explores the wonders of growing your own chocolate while Amy Landers teaches us how to create butterfly havens in our gardens.

That’s Not All!

In addition to our garden topics, we have herbal experts Kami McBride from Living Awareness Institute and Sarah Popham from The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. McBride shares respiratory benefits of garden sage, and Popham joins us to dive into  herbs for our garden that bolster immunity.

Last but certainly not least, Matt Powers dives into the world of regenerative soil, illuminating its crucial role in nurturing our ecosystem. Jason Matyas shares how gardening and homesteading can instill resilience and valuable life skills in children. Commercial grower, Crystal Meserole, shares beneficials for your soil.

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Join us at the Superfood Garden Summit, to discover how to enrich both your garden and your life. It’s our mission to empower you to cultivate your own nutrient-dense food. We strive to empower growers so you know exactly what’s on your plate. By harnessing the knowledge of expert growers, you can grow plants with higher nutrient density and get better yields with ease. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned grower, this summit is an essential resource to bring you more health, joy, and superfood into your life!

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