Did you know that you don’t need seeds to grow your own herbs at home? All you need is access to healthy plants to take a start from. Whether they are from a friend’s garden or the grocery store, it’s simple to get started.

It doesn’t work for all herbs, but it does work for most.

Learn how to get started in this video:

Video Transcript

Well, hello! Stacey Murphy here with a quick video. You do not need seeds in order to start your own herb garden. That’s super cool, right? All you need are some healthy plants. 

Where can you find those plants? You can go to the grocery store, and you can buy some organic rosemary, some organic sage, some organic basil. Or maybe your friend has some growing in their garden, and you cut a little bit of it. Here’s what you do with it. Like I said, you want to start with good plants, so find somebody who’s growing organically, or buy it organic at the store. 

This works for many herbs, but it doesn’t work for all herbs. I wouldn’t do this for parsley, cilantro, and dill, but most of the other herbs, like oregano, basil, rosemary, sage, anything with a woody stem. Mint. Mint grows anywhere. It grows wild.

All you need to do is some of these plants–it’s really simple. Instead of going to a plant nursery and spending a couple bucks on a plant this size, you could just create it yourself in a couple weeks at home. What you do is you take a cutting either from an existing plant, or you take your grocery store cutting. Then you put it in some water. What you’re trying to do is grow some roots, so you basically want to make sure that the lower portion of the stem is clear from plant material. In this case, little bits of Rosemary have fallen in there. I’m going to take those out because those little bits can get kind of moldy in the water, and bad bacteria can form. We don’t want those, so we’ll pull those out of the water. Then basically, what I’m going to do is every couple days, I’m going to change out this water. Now this water, you can probably see, has some particles floating in it. It’s about time to change out this water. Now, this took a couple weeks for these roots to grow. Now that these roots have grown, you could take these and you could plant them into some potting mix. Basically, watch them and water them for a couple days, and make sure they’re doing well in the potting mix, and then transplant them outside. Or if you’re feeling like you want to go for it, you could go ahead and plant this outside.

What I would recommend doing in this case is–well, I’ll tell you why I would do potting mix first. What I would do is clear off a little bit more plant material up here, and I would plant up all the way up to here so that all of this is under the potting mix or under soil. Now, the reason I would prefer potting mix over soil is that if I were to plant this into the soil, all these roots are going to kind of be glommed together. But if I put it in potting mix first, potting mix is kind of a looser soil mix, so these roots can spread out and get a little bit more healthy before they go into a planting bed. But it can work either way, so whatever works for you.

This is a way to get your own. Now I have two rosemary bushes that can grow out of the one plant cutting that I took a couple weeks back. It’s as easy as that. You can do this, like I said, with rosemary. Basil is a really fabulous one to do this. You’ve just got to make sure you change out the water very regularly because basil has a softer stem sometimes. Oregano, sage, thyme, mint. What are some of the other herbs out there that you want to try? Post in the comments below. Most of them are going to work. The ones that are not going to work are the more annual ones, the ones that tend to bolt. Things like parsley, cilantro, and dill, and those are all in the same family. Those are the types of herbs that basically will turn to seed more quickly. These guys, they may flower, but they’re like evergreens. They just keep growing back again and again, and that’s why these work really well as cuttings.

All right. That’s it for this video. Try it out for yourself. Post below what other plants you’ve done this with. I’ve heard people do this with good tomato plants, too. You might choose to do this with some of your vegetables as well. All right. Take care. Love you guys, and see you in the next video.

Please share what herbs that you are going to try to do this with in the comments below.