We are excited to share with you this week’s episode of Food Revolution Network’s Whole Life Action Hour Series:

Join Stacey Murphy and Ocean Robbins as they share Waking Your Inner Gardener – Growing Food Made Easy

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Growing your own food is one of the most powerful actions you can take when it comes to your health–and the Earth’s! . As Ocean shares, “You’re increasing self-reliance, increasing community resilience, you’re contributing to the environmental sustainability of your lifestyle, and you’re giving yourself access to a steady supply of super healthy foods.” 

Stacey shares how gardening is “a revolutionary act you can do right at home.” Growing your own vegetables and herbs ensures you’re eating the most nutrient-rich food. 

Food starts to lose its nutrients the moment you harvest it. Filling your plate with freshly harvested vegetables and fruits has an enormous  impact on your health.

Begin experiencing garden-to-table nourishment today!

Access this inspiring conversation here: https://wlc.foodrevolution.org/broadcasts/