Gardening is a deeply rewarding pursuit. It allows you to connect with nature, nurture life, and create a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility right in your own area. Just as each garden is unique, so is every gardener. Your garden is an expression of your values, strengths, and goals and tells who you are as a gardener. In other words, you have a garden personality.

What is a Garden Personality?

Your garden personality is a reflection of your individual preferences, interests, and gardening style. It encompasses your gardening goals, your level of experience, and your personal connection to the natural world. Over the years, the gardening experts at Grow Your Own Vegetables have observed that gardeners typically share eight distinct core values and have given identities to each core value.

Garden Personality Tomato Chef

Garden Chef

Garden Personality Broccoli Buddha

Garden Buddha

Garden Personality Carrot Artist 1

Garden Artist

Garden Personality Garlic Explorer

Garden Explorer

Garden Personality Ginger Alchemist

Garden Alchemist

Garden Personality Mushroom Sage

Garden Sage

Garden Personality Asparagus Activist

Garden Activist

Garden Personality Turmeric Ninja

Garden Ninja

Why is Knowing Your Garden Personality Important?

Identifying your garden personality is a crucial step in setting and achieving your gardening goals. Your garden personality influences your gardening choices and identifies the components of gardening that bring you the most joy and a sense of fulfillment and leads you towards achieving garden success. 

Setting realistic goals

Your garden personality helps you to set goals that align with your interests and strengths. If you’re a Garden Activist, your goals may involve creating a wildlife-friendly garden or reducing your carbon footprint. On the other hand, if you’re a Garden Artist, your goals may revolve around achieving a specific garden design or color scheme.

Staying motivated

What motivates you and how you best stay motivated is influenced by your specific garden personality. When your goals resonate with your natural inclinations, you’re more likely to stay committed to your garden projects and enjoy the process. For example, a Garden Chef finds joy in harvesting lots of fresh vegetables, while a Garden Buddha appreciates the moments of tranquility in their garden.

Optimizing resources

Different garden personalities have varying resource requirements. A Garden Chef may need more space, sunlight, and irrigation for their vegetable garden, while a Garden Sage might focus on creating a small, low-maintenance meditation garden. Understanding your personality allows you to allocate your resources effectively.

Overcoming challenges

Knowing your garden personality helps you to anticipate and address challenges as they arise. For instance, a Garden Ninja may relish the challenge of building a complex garden structure, while a Garden Activist may need to first learn about specific native plants and wildlife-friendly practices to achieve their goals.

How Do You Find Your Garden Personality?

Ultimately, the key to a successful garden lies in finding harmony between your garden personality and your garden goals. To find out more about the different garden personalities as well as how to discover your individual garden personality, Grow Your Own Vegetables created a handy free downloadable eGuide that outlines how to identify your values and the garden goals that align with those values. You can download your complimentary copy HERE

Once you discover it, embrace your garden personality for it is a reflection of your connection to the natural world and what you hold most dear. It will lead you to a more fulfilling and successful gardening experience.

Go ahead and let your personality bloom! 🌱

Let us know what you discover is your Garden Personality in the comments below.