Tired of wasted garden space, not having enough space, or waiting for the growing season to get fresh food? Check this baby out! It’s a Grow Your Own Vegetables Team favorite gardening product! This container garden gives you BIG Harvests with this Indoor Container Garden.

Part of the reason we like it so much is that it is simple to use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener. It’s easy to set up and only takes 6 cu. feet of soil to fill completely. Then you just add water, compost scraps, and worms as needed.

Grow up to 50 plants and vegetables in 4 sq. feet (1.2 sq meters) with this Garden Tower! We are blown away by how much thought went into the materials and design of this indoor / outdoor growing container.

Yes, it looks a little strange… but the harvests from your garden tower will definitely make your mouth water! 😋


Garden Tower® 2 is made of 100% food grade HDPE (non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic), FDA-approved dye and UV-protection for health, durability, and it’s recyclable! 💪🏽

Unique Design

Supporting up to 1,000 lbs, the feet allow the tower to anchor securely to any platform while still being able to rotate 360° for optimized sun exposure and growing in tight spaces.

Planting pockets

Allow for easy planting and fast harvesting.

For mobile growing

If you need to move your tower around for sunlight, they offer the Premium Caster Kit designed to hold the weight of the substrate, water, and plants!

With a patented GT2 vermicomposting tube right down the center, you can compost directly into the tower where plant roots can access nutrients and oxygen from the perforated holes.

Compost release gate

Allows for seasonal removal of finished compost not used by the plants & provides for aeration from below.

Removable compost/nutrient tea drawer

Can collect up to two gallons of nutrient enriched water for another pass by plant roots.

The Garden Tower®2 is perfect for growing lettuces, herbs, kale, chard, smaller varieties of peppers and other plants with smaller root systems. To top it all off, it comes with a whopping 5-year manufacturer warranty. This container can last up to twelve years in the harshest of climates!

With all the thought that went into this special grow container, it’s no wonder it was recently named the “Worlds Most Advanced Container Garden.”

The only question we have for the company is, ‘Is there anything you didn’t think of!?’

But don’t take our word for it! Discover what Grow your Own Vegetables students are saying about the Garden Tower 2:


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