How often do you take a bite of a produce item from your grocery store and experience it as virtually flavorless?

Studies show a correlation between flavor intensity and nutrient density. So if your food lacks flavor, chances are it’s lacking nutrients too! While further study is needed, recent findings suggest that the relationship of flavor and nutrients is so complex that fatty acids and carbohydrates may send nutrient-specific signals that inform your gut and your brain of the nature of the nutrients. That’s amazing!

Home growers know that the flavors that come from home grown foods are unmatched by anything you can get from the grocery store. We created the

so fresh food lovers and health advocates can learn to grow food and get the highest nutrient density foods.

There are hundreds of thousands attending this years’ Superfood Garden Summit​​​​… AND we’re on a mission to reach 1 million people! Because EVERYONE deserves fresh, organic, nutrient-dense food. Growing your own food is one of the best ways to do just that.

Register here for the FREE VIEWING of the 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit so that you can learn to grow fresh, organic, nutrient-dense food for a long, healthy life.

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Together, we can share the information to help people create thousands of new gardens, feed millions of people with fresh, healthy food, and green the planet! 💚

Supercharge Your Health! Join the 2023 Superfood Garden Summit

There are so many problems with our food system. This is an opportunity to be part of a solution… imagine the impact that a community of 1 million+ growers will have on the planet, our health, and the future generations!

Supercharge Your Health! Join the 2023 Superfood Garden Summit EVENT HERE

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