Sprouts are fast, delicious, nutritious and fun to grow, but there is a chance that you could accidentally grow some unwanted bacteria as well. Learn how to keep your growing conditions safe. Average Soaking time and days to harvest: Alfalfa 8-12 hours soak / 5-6 days to harvest Broccoli 8-12 hours soak / 3-6 days to harvest Buckwheat 6 hours soak / 2-3 days to harvest Clover 8-12 hours soak / 5-6 days to harvest Lentils 7 hours soak / 2-3 days to harvest Mung Beans 8-12 hours soak / 4 days to harvest Radish Seeds 8-12 hours soak / 3-4 days to harvest Sunflower Seeds 8 hours soak / 12-24 hours to harvest PLEASE NOTE: Sprouts can be subject to contamination which can result in bacterial growth such as E. coli, leading to food-borne illnesses. Always purchase organic fresh products from a reputable source, wash your hands thoroughly before handling foods, and keep sprouting equipment and all kitchen surfaces clean to avoid cross contamination. Always consume sprouts within a few days, fresh and straight out of the fridge. Some health organizations also recommend consuming them cooked to reduce the risk of infection. I certainly consume raw homemade sprouts, and have never had an issue. Decide what is a responsible choice for you and your family. For more info on how to grow spouts: https://sproutpeople.org