Whether you are harvesting fresh veggies from your outdoor garden or from an indoor windowsill garden in your kitchen, the freshness makes a world of a difference!

Today we are sharing with you a recipe that you can make as something to help you craft a wonderfully lively salad without too much forethought; a great companion to anything from your year-round garden.

This recipe allows you to get creative with adding various combinations of dried fruits to the recipe. It is a wonderful way to use dried pears, apples, berries or other fruits you may have from your harvest or farmer’s market. This vinaigrette carries sweet, tart, and savory flavors; both light and well-rounded.

Dried Fruit Vinaigrette

It is best if the vinegar is mixed with the onions/shallots and dried fruit at least a night/day before. This gives time for the vinegar to start to denature the onions (mellowing their sharp flavor – also called acid denaturation) and to both rehydrate the dried fruit and to infuse their flavors.

Get creative! This is far from a one-off recipe. Feel free to try this with a variation of dried fruits, vinegars, alliums, spices, herbs, oils, etc.

Enjoy exploring and creating with your garden! πŸ₯—