The Grow Your Own Vegetables Elves have been busy recently. They took a break from the garden and gathered all kinds of garden goodies together for our 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide.

This is the third year that the GYOV Elves have worked tirelessly to create this guide for you to help with the holiday shopping for your garden friends and family—and YOURSELF!! 🎁

This year’s guide is better AND bigger than ever and is filled with items that are sure to work for anyone on your list—no matter where they live—no matter their available space. 

Years ago, when you said garden, it conjured images of a plow, tiller, or tractor creating rows and rows of turned dirt on an acre or more of land. However, today so many options exist that allow you to garden pretty well ANYWHERE!

2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide highlights some of these options, which make great gift ideas. 

Garden Tower 2

The Farmstand Nook

Farmstand Nook

Looking for another option to grow indoors that allows you to grow anywhere you choose—no sunlight required? The Farmstand Nook is your answer. 

With the Farmstand Nook, you can grow up to 20 plants of herbs, greens, and more all year long. The sleek compact design includes integrated LED lights (why no sunlight is required), a water pump for self-watering, and a water-resistant floor mat, allowing you to place it anywhere in your home such as within steps of your kitchen stove.

The specifically designed Grow Sleeves and Grow Cups allow for easy maintenance of your plants. Each Grow Cup features a notch to hang Plant ID labels that contain the name of your plant, the ideal harvest date, and an icon indicating the best location to place the plant on your Farmstand Nook for the best results.

An additional bonus feature of the Farmstand Nook is the included Digital Smart Timer, which allows you to automate and remotely update the watering and lighting systems through the Farmstand Nook’s app. This means that you can go on vacation, and your plants will continue to thrive during your absence. 

See page 9 in the 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide for more information about the Farmstand Nook.

RailScape Plant Clips

Vivosun Grow Tents   

Vivosun Grow Tents

Do you not have any outdoor space available for gardening but maybe have a free room or garage available indoors?  Vivosun Grow Tents are a great solution to be able to still grow fresh vegetables and herbs for your dinner table.

Available in a variety of sizes, the Vivosun Grow Tents allow you to select the size that meets your growing needs and space availability. Their design creates a reliable, stable growing environment that puts you in control of the light, temperature, humidity and soil conditions. With multiple chambers, you can keep your delicate seedlings separate.

See page 8 in the 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide for more information about Grow Tents.

Raised Bed Grow Bags

Walk-In Greenhouse  

Walk-In Greenhouse

Looking for an option to garden all year round? A quality Walk-In Greenhouse allows for a longer growing season, no matter where you live. Tractor Supply offers a high-quality 6’ x 12’ Walk-In Greenhouse for a great price. This item creates an internal environment that provides a productive growing location for any vegetable or herb that you want to grow.

With a durable aluminum, rust-resistant frame, this Walk-In Greenhouse is wind resistant up to 30mph. Polycarbonate panels diffuse sunlight, eliminating the risk of plant burn and shade areas. It includes two large adjustable vents so that you can give the plants inside ventilation for longer growing into the season.

See page 9 in the 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide for more information about the 6′ x 12′ Walk-In Greenhouse.

Athena Rain Barrel

Handwoven Cotton Macrame Hanging Chair

Handwoven Cotton Macrame Hanging Chair

After setting up your alternative growing solution, it’s time to relax. A Macrame Hanging Chair is a great way to set back and enjoy the fruits—or veggies—of your labor. 

The chair is made from handwoven cotton in a pale pretty color that blends with any decor. The base is 26” in diameter and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

See page 4 in the 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide for more information about the Macrame Hanging Chair.

These are just a few of the many great gift ideas in the 2023 Holiday Garden Gift Guide. Don’t wait to download your copy and start shopping for all your garden loving friends and family. Any of the items can be ordered and shipped directly to the receiver, if they don’t live close by. 

In addition, you will find all Grow Your Own Vegetables courses in the gift guide on sale through the end of the year. Our garden courses make a great gift for those garden friends and family far away because you simply provide us with their name and email, and we take care of the rest. It’s a gift whose value in near-ending!

It’s definitely holiday 🌿 thyme in the garden!

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