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19, 2024

FRN Summit: April 24-May 1, 2024

2024 Food Revolution Summit Docuseries

We hope that you will join us for what could be a pivotal moment in your health journey!

Navigating the maze of food and nutrition information can feel overwhelming. With ever-changing guidelines and the challenge of finding reliable sources, it’s easy to find yourself lost in a sea of questions:

✔️ Are you one of the 68% of Americans at risk for omega-3 deficiency?
✔️ Can you trust the quality of your fish oil supplements?
✔️ What’s the truth about lectins, goitrogens, and other antinutrients in your food?
✔️ Is going vegan beneficial or could it pose health risks?
✔️ Are processed meat alternatives healthier than actual meat?
✔️ Are you consuming enough protein, and should you worry about specific amino acids?
✔️ With the probiotics market booming, are these supplements necessary or just a waste?

If you’re ready to cut through the confusion and get credible answers, join us for the 2024 Food Revolution Summit Docuseries. Our friends John and Ocean Robbins, who have gathered 45 of the world’s leading food and health experts to share this year’s most groundbreaking insights.

This event promises to tackle the big debates and hottest controversies, offering you the truth about the food you consume. It’s your chance to make informed decisions for a healthier life for you, your family, and the planet. This monumental gathering is your gateway to making food the cornerstone of your health.

FRN Summit: April 24-May 1, 2024

🌱 How to Grow $400 of Vegetables in 40 Days! 🌱

Are you passionate about eating fresh, nutritious food right from your garden?

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, understanding the essentials of growing your own vegetables can transform your health and your table.

If you’re looking to enhance your gardening skills or dive into the rewarding world of home-grown goodness, we have the perfect resource for you!

🌱 Understand how to grow fresh, delicious vegetables all season long.
🌱 Discover expert tips to cultivate a thriving garden that maximizes flavor and nutrition.
🌱 Learn best practices for planting, nurturing, and harvesting your crops.

This system has been proven to equip gardeners with the know-how to be able to grow $400 of Vegetables (or more!) in as little as 40 days! 🤯

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower yourself with the skills to grow your own food sustainably. You’ll not only enjoy the freshest ingredients but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Start your journey toward garden-to-table eating today!

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Happy Gardeners harvesting

Superfoods to Grow in Your Garden

5 Methods to Preserve Vegetables at Home (4)

We love growing food but we especially love growing superfoods!

In this guest article by Dóra Pista, you’ll discover what actually classifies a superfood (you might be surprised!), different superfoods and their growing difficulty, and get a few tips for growing some of these superfoods.

Plus, check out a really cool Superfood Infographic! 🤩

#1 Secret to a MORE Resilient Vegetable Garden

If you’ve ever lost vegetable plants to a pest or fought a voracious weed in the garden, then you’ve experienced firsthand how tenacious nature can be… Well, here’s the thing:

Your vegetable and herb plants are just as resilient and persistent as all the pests, weeds, and diseases out there. It may not feel or seem that way at times, but they are! Check out some examples of how resilient they can be! Plus, Stacey finds a surprise on her microphone!

Bee Planting Lettuce

Weekly Garden Tip: Microgreen Material Safety

Never grow in plastics unless they are food grade or hydroponic grade plastics. May people buy 5 gal buckets from the hardware store. But why pay $5 per bucket when you can usually get them for super cheap or free!?

Visit your local hot dog or burger joint. Anywhere that serves pickles with their sandwiches. Those pickles often come in 5 gallon buckets and they’re required to be food grade (considered the safest along with hydroponic plastics for growing food).

Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be preventing that plastic from going to the landfill or going to a recycling facility where precious water and other resources are used to recycle that plastic!

Free Resource

Gut Food: 11 Superfoods (and 7 Recipes!) Your Belly Will Love

Did you know that one of the easiest vegetables to grow is also a supercharger for healthy gut bacteria? The answer is leafy greens! 🥬

Your gut is essentially the engine of your body—it powers everything from your immune system to your energy levels, mood, and mental clarity. The great news? It’s never too late to repair your gut health—even after a lifetime of less-than-ideal eating habits.

Ocean Robbins from the Food Revolution Network has crafted a guide based on the latest scientific findings to help you nourish your gut for optimal health. This includes vibrant energy levels and, importantly, healthy digestion.

Are you curious about how many of these superfoods you’re already eating or what you might be missing? This essential guidebook will provide you with expert insights on the critical importance of gut health, the impact of your diet on your immune system, the intriguing link between your gut and brain, plus a primer on probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and fermentation. You’ll also find delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that promote a thriving gut. Dive in to discover more about nurturing your body’s most vital system.

FRN Gut Food Guidebook

Product Feature: Elderberry Cuttings

This week’s featured product is from our friends at Growing Farmers–elderberry cuttings, a super addition to any home garden or landscape! Elderberries are not only beautiful, they’re packed with health benefits. Known for their immune-boosting properties, elderberries are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that can help fight inflammation and lessen stress.

For best results, you will want to plant at least two elderberry plants for cross-pollination. Each order comes with comprehensive planting instructions to ensure your gardening success.

Growing Farmers is committed to sustainability and their plants, including these elderberries, are non-GMO. Embrace the joy of growing your own elderberries and enjoy the bounty of health benefits they bring!

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: Can you share other crop plantings/pairings that work like the three sisters, marigolds and tomatoes, apple berry and paperbark (Australian natives)? – Cat

Answer: Yes, there are tons of ways to companion plant! While it’s traditional to think of companion planting as a list of plants you have to memorize that pair well with each plant, here’s a trick:

Most of the time, plants can grow together. The key is to look at companion planting not as a plant memorization game but as a set of rules to apply to whatever plant you want to find a companion for. And here are the main rules:

1) Choose crops with a different root depth. Planting a bunch of crops close together with the same root depth causes more competition for nutrients, water, etc. So if you’re trying to find a companion for a plant with a 2 foot root depth, choose lettuce or something with a shallow root zone.

2) Choose crops that complement the growth habit of the above ground parts. This is one of the reasons the three sisters compliment each other so well. The foliage of the beans doesn’t take sunlight from the corn, the corn supports the vining of the bean and the squash leaves are free to grow along the ground. So think about the foliage heights and types and the overall growth habit of the plant.

3) Think about what the plant is giving to the other or not taking from the other. In the example of the three sisters, the beans fix nitrogen for the nitrogen loving heavy feeder of the corn. You can pair together based on nutrients, water needs, etc. So maybe you decide to place plants with higher water needs (like cucumbers) directly in the path of your drip irrigation, and more drought tolerant herbs farther away from the drip lines. So think about the preferences of each plant and what other crops’ preferences might compliment that plant.

And if you’re in Harvest Club, there’s a video for you that dives in more about this. Companion Planting: Cultivating Friendships

I hope that helps Cat!


Denise Garden Transplants
Purple Dead Nettle

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins is enjoying getting her garden prepared for the summer growing season. This week some peas, greens, and chard are getting transplanted into the garden.

Also, check out all the Purple Dead Nettle popping up! This is an example of the ‘weed or beneficial’ debate. Purple Dead Nettles are seen by some as an obnoxious, fast spreading weed. While others see it for its amazing health benefits or nutritious food for their chickens!

Did you know you can make pesto with it? Denise is going to give it a try!

Garden Events for You!

Heart of Nature Summit

Heart of Nature Summit

WHO: Wisdom For Life

WHEN: Happening Now

WHAT: The Heart of Nature Summit is a 7-day journey beginning April 16th to restore balance to your life. As a gardener, you are very aware of how important nature is to your garden by providing sun and rain and beneficials for your plants to grow into the tasty vegetables that you love. This summit goes a step further by sharing how living harmoniously with nature each and every day improves EVERY aspect of your life!

Featuring an extraordinary lineup of experts and nature lovers, the summit shares how to:

💚 Embrace Healing and Resilience
💚 Navigate Environmental Grief
💚 Connect with Your Inner Strength
💚 Revitalize Ancient Wisdom
💚 Co-Create Sustainable Visions
💚 Celebrate Earth Day with Purpose

If you’re ready to start living with more joy and you want to experience how nature can help improve every area of your life, then sign up for your free ticket for the Heart of Nature Summit today.

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Last Week we released your Calendula Growing Guide. Learn to grow, nurture, harvest, and store your calendula. Plus! Get a special GYOV recipe featuring Calendula. Find it on your Growing Guide Dashboard HERE.

Garden Jam LIVE Q&A happening soon where Harvest Club members get LIVE support for all their garden questions to help you get more out of your garden.

Monday, check out a special presentation and sneak peek into the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit by Kami McBride on Sage.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, join the LIVE Q&A Jam. Link to join will be emailed to Harvest Club members.

NON-Harvest Club Members: Wanna see what LIVE Q&A’s are like? Click Here and watch our March 25th, 2024 GYOV LIVE Q&A.

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

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