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31, 2024

Regenerative Soil Course
Regenerative Soil Course

Regenerative Soil Course

with Matt Powers

One of our most popular presentations at this year’s Superfood Garden Summit was with Matt Powers. If you want to dive deeper into the science and solutions of regenerative soil, then you will want to consider his 20-week Regenerative Soil Course.

This in-depth experience digs deep … from micro to macro down to the individual microbe, enzyme, and ion!

Matt teaches you how your garden can have:

More Carbon & Organic Matter: Every year more carbon is drawn down
Increased Soil Biology: Every season your microbes grow stronger, more numerous, & more balanced
Nutritionally Dense Plants: Superior taste, smell, & color
No Poisons, No Toxins: As soil coherence is achieved, plants protect & feed themselves with the help of soil biology
More Water-Holding Capacity: As soils improve their structure & soil biology, they can hold more water
Save Money + Higher Yields = $: Less inputs, higher quality products, higher yields all equal more profit

The course begins on June 4th 2024!

Regenerative Soil Course


Grow Like a Pro: Superfood Garden Summit Highlights Part 2

The 8th Annual Superfood GardenSummit was a huge success! With thousands of growers all over the world joining in, this was our most popular summit to date. For those of you who weren’t able to join, we made a blog post last week sharing some of our favorite highlights and this week we are sharing part two!

Superfood Garden Summit Highlights Matt Powers - Regenerative - Bullet Points - EVENT

🪴 Container Gardening! 🪴

Container growing can help you see opportunities instead of limitations.
You can customize your container garden to fit your space, budget,
physical abilities, and lifestyle.

In the Container Gardening Micro Course, you’ll find videos, downloadable eGuides, worksheets, and resources to help you see garden opportunities all around you.

Container growing offers big benefits at any size:

💚 Garden anywhere, no matter how much space you have
💚 Save money and add flavor & nutrients to your favorite dishes
💚 Extend your growing season
💚 Grow plants that your local conditions wouldn’t allow otherwise
💚 Adapt your container garden for people with limited mobility
💚 Add beauty to your home–inside or out!

Container Gardening Micro Course

Learning the keys of container growing empowers you to create your best garden, which is why we’re excited for you to see our new Container Gardening Micro Course!

[Video] Adding Flowers In Your Vegetable Garden

If you could add something to your garden that would naturally deter pests, entice pollinators, increase soil fertility, and add beauty to your garden…you’d want that, right?

FLOWERS are the most underestimated element to creating a thriving and diverse garden.

When many people are just getting started gardening, they often overlook flowers because they’re so focused on growing food. However, experienced gardeners know that growing flowers alongside your vegetables and herbs can have a BIG impact on the productivity, sustainability, and beauty of your garden.

In this Masterclass, Stacey Murphy walks you through all of the wonderful benefits you can find when you include flowers in your garden:

🌻 Increase your vegetable production by inviting pollinators into your space!
🌼 Grow your own fertilizer and compost.
🌻 Have medicine on demand growing right in your garden.
🌼 Increase the biodiversity of your space to deter pests and entice beneficial insects.
🌻 Add beauty to your garden with color, and bring beauty to your bouquets!
🌼 Stop and smell the flowers: boost your mood with natural flower fragrances.
🌻 Embrace the unknown by bringing home new flowers that call out to you.

Bee Planting Lettuce

Weekly Garden Tip: 

Never grow in plastics unless they are food grade or hydroponic grade plastics. Many people buy cheap plastic or aluminum trays for growing microgreens, but these are not safe for growing food in.

Visit your local upscale restaurant that serves fresh fish. Fish from these types of restaurants often comes in plastic trays that are required to be food grade (considered the safest along with hydroponic plastics for growing food). These trays make great microgreen trays or water catchment trays for your seedlings!

Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be preventing that plastic from going to the landfill or going to a recycling facility where precious water and other resources are used to recycle that plastic!

Free Resource: Adding Flowers to your Garden

Imagine waking up on a cool summer morning and taking a walk to your garden. You see your tomato plants are almost ready for harvest, and the extra rain from the week has your peppers looking bright. But what if in the midst of the glorious homegrown food, you were surrounded by beautiful and fragrant flowers that have taken your garden to a whole new level of success?

It sounds too good to be true, but we are here to tell you that it is possible! Flowers bring joy and beauty to any space, but did you know that flowers are known to increase productivity by attracting pollinators? They will even enrich your soil by serving as a natural fertilizer. Something we often forget is that many flowers offer a medicinal value through herbal remedies.

We are so excited to share this amazing e-Guide that will give you the 4-1-1 on the benefits of integrating flowers into your garden spaces, selecting the right flowers, and how to put your plan in motion!

Adding Flowers to Your Garden 3D Image
Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: Is raised bed better than in-ground? I sometimes have trouble with rabbits and/or groundhogs with my in-ground, but if I put in raised beds, I wonder if the deer would start crossing my fence. They ate all the leaves off my mammoth sunflowers this year. 😔 – Diana

Answer: Hi Diana, Not the sunflowers! 🙁 I hope this next season brings you a better outcome.

Both in ground and raised beds have their pros and cons. For you, most likely the deer would still get to your crops unless your fence is at the correct height and position for keeping out deer.

Groundhogs and rabbits can still get into raised beds if they aren’t high enough.

One option you might consider is to enclose the garden with a fence that goes underground. You want the underground part to be at least two feet down and one foot horizontal heading toward the garden, so the underground fence area is like an “L” shape. The above ground fence height for deer should be enough to keep those other small animals out.

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

This week in the garden, GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins spent her 3-day holiday weekend diving into various garden projects. Shown below is the freshened up (and fruiting!) strawberry patch, gorgeous poppies brightening up her curb strip, a fig tree that she propagated from a cutting and her fruiting salmonberries!

In the GYOV Garden Picture Set

Garden Events for You!

The Power of Love summit

The Power of Love

WHO: Wisdom for Life

WHEN: June 4-11, 2024

WHAT: The Power of Love Summit is the most comprehensive online event ever presented on the transformative power of love. It covers everything from self-love, romantic love, and family relationships to community love and love for our planet. 💚

Just as we nurture our gardens to grow and thrive, we can cultivate love in our lives to foster healing and growth. The Summit features a remarkable group of presenters, including relationship psychologists, social scientists, marriage and family counselors, health professionals, artists, storytellers, and spiritual leaders.

Harvest Club Logo


This upcoming week in Harvest Club brings newly released video clips for members. Learn about handling strawberry pest issues and increasing harvest flavor, tips on using vertical space, strategies for reducing shade from trees onto your garden and more!

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

🎉 Just for Fun!

Cartoon: "Gardening is cheaper than therapy - only you get tomatoes!"

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