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10, 2024

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2024 Superfood Garden Summit Speakers

Superfood Garden Summit

Airing LIVE May 14-17, 2024

Doesn’t it seem strange how our culture is so technologically advanced, and yet we find ourselves feeling stressed out and disconnected?

It is becoming all too common in today’s times.

A healthy diet can help, but I’ve felt for a while that something else is missing. I think about this a lot, and whenever something feels complex, it usually means I need to dig deeper…

… into the heart of the matter.

Gardening is not just a way to grow food. It is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate a connection to the Earth, your food, and your community.

It’s hard to feel disconnected with your hands in the Earth!

We have teamed up with expert growers who have all the best tips to help you grow these foods right at home, in all kinds of climates… it’s simpler than most people think!

Imagine how connected you will feel when you taste the food you’re growing yourself… the plants you nurture will also nourish you! The beauty of this relationship ignites a deep appreciation of how the world works. It rekindles all of your relationships and returns you to a place of feeling truly blessed… because you are. 😉

The Superfood Garden Summit, a free event that will be available to you right from home!

And the best part… this event focuses on growing superfoods! These are THE MOST powerfully nutritious foods on the planet. The food our body craves to make us feel ALIVE!

Rediscovering the roots of human health and our connection to nature is more important than ever.

Everything you need for a thriving garden is right here at your fingertips.

Register for the Superfood Garden Summit


Supercharge Your Health with These Superfoods Garden Tips

The secret to harnessing the full power of superfoods lies in the freshness. Imagine relishing a meal garnished with vibrant, nutrient-packed greens and herbs plucked straight from your backyard. Growing your own superfoods isn’t just gratifying; it ensures you’re getting the optimal nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Right from your garden to your plate, here are some growing tips to supercharge your health.


🫐 Free Elderberry Workshop Series 🫐

We are so excited to share that our good friend, Michael Kilpatrick of Growing Farmers, is hosting a FREE Elderberry Workshop Series, and you are invited! 🤩

Why grow elderberries?

✅ Grows in poor and wet soil
💊 Incredibly medicinal
🤯 Can use all parts of the plant: branches, flowers, leaves, and fruit
🐝 Great for pollinator habitat
☁️ Can even grow in shade

The Elderberry Workshop Series unlocks the secrets of growing, selling, and profiting from elderberries with the guidance of experts.

The 6-part online workshop teaches:

🫐 How products are made from all parts of the elderberry—flower, stems, leaves, and berries
🫐 How to easily setup your elderberry plants
🫐 What varieties are the top-yielding
🫐 How to launch your elderberry journey with a minimal investment

Elderberry Workshop Series

With the Elderberry Workshop Series, learn from industry experts how to cultivate and profit from this powerful plant known as “nature’s medicine chest.”

When you attend this amazing event, you will also be getting a sneak peak into the experienced farming mind of Michael Kirkpatrick, who is one of our highly anticipated presenters joining us at the Superfood Garden Summit!

[Video] Grow Your Own Superfoods

We have put together a quick video for you which shares the 5 different things you’ll need to think about before growing your own superfood garden.

Inside this quick guide you’ll see how to grow 12 of the fastest, easiest, and healthiest superfoods to harvest. You’ll learn why growing superfoods is a healthier option than buying organic at the grocery store, as well as…

Why you’re more likely to live over 100 years if you’re growing superfoods.

6 reasons to grow your own superfoods (instead of buying them at the grocery store):

🫐 The #1 easiest superfood to get started with even if you haven’t gardened before.
🫐 How you can start eating one of my favorite superfoods in just 2 weeks.
🫐 The most nutrient-dense vegetable that produces pounds of produce per plant.
🫐 Superfood plants that you plant once and they come back with BIGGER crops every year.
🫐 Deciding which superfoods are right for you and your garden.

Bee Planting Lettuce

Weekly Garden Tip: 

To get to know your temperatures, start with the local data. Learn your average high and low temperatures for each month. Then, track the temperatures at your garden location. Over time, you’ll see how the temperature in your exact location varies from the data in your greater local area. Then you can fine tune your crop plan better.

Free Resource: Cancer-Proof Your Diet

Is one of your reasons that you garden that you want to eat right for better health? What about eating in a way that could prevent illness or disease?

Then you will want to check out this resource about knowing what to eat that best supports ways you can prevent (and even heal) cancer. In The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Diet, certified holistic cancer coach and professional nutrition coach Nathan Crane breaks down the science behind the ways your diet can impact your risk of cancer and its ability to heal.

This isn’t about fad diets or extreme measures…it’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge to make simple, sustainable changes that can have a profound and long-lasting impact on your health.

Cancer-Proof Your Diet eBook
Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: How to start fall plants in 103 degree temps. My most pressing issues involve the climate extremes we are having. Extremely hot and dry, dry, dry. I am in south Mississippi. I would like a fall garden but it is entirely too hot for anything to get started I think. – Lucy


Hi Lucy,

Very Good Question! If you’re in Southern Mississippi and your temperatures are that hot, you’re still very much in the summer season and may need to plant your fall garden starts later than those in different climates.

However, if your temperatures go from 103F to fall temperatures (45-65 F roughly) within a few weeks, then you’ll want to start as many of your fall garden plants as you can indoors. Kale, chard, spinach, beets, and other cool and cold weather crops can be started indoors.

Your root crops–carrots, radish, turnips, etc.–(aside from beets) don’t like to be transplanted because there is too much disturbance on the root systems when transplanting. So, you can do one of two things:

Start them in the ground as late as you can. Double the depth of planting to protect them from the heat and dry. To keep them moist, you can use a trick from Tom Bartels who lives in a high altitude, extremely dry area of Colorado. Soak the seeds for 3 days (rinsing every 6 hours or so).

Then, make a corn starch gel, mix the seeds in the cornstarch and using a piping bag, pipe the seeds into the ground in rows.

Alternatively, you might experiment by planting those root crops in soil blocks indoors. Soil blocks are less disruptive to roots during the transplant process, so you might try that so you can start them indoors in a cooler environment, and then transplant outdoors when ready.

I hope that helps, Lucy!

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

Things are about to get berry-licious in the garden of our very own GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins! Strawberries, salmon berries, elderberries, thimbleberries, blueberries, raspberries … Oh, my!

GYOV Garden Photo Bar

Garden Events for You!

Register for the Superfood Garden Summit

Superfood Garden Summit

WHO: Grow Your Own Vegetables

WHENMay 14-17, 2024

WHAT: In the spirit of garden hope, we’d like to invite you to the 8th Annual Superfood Garden Summit.

From May 14-17, 12+ visionary growers will share with you their wisdom to supercharge your garden…and your health! When you have experts in your corner helping you make great garden choices, growing food becomes simple.

During this online event, you’ll discover:

🧑‍🌾 Practical gardening skills and seed-saving techniques for a more resilient garden.
💩 The significance of soil health to nourish plants, ecosystems, and yourself.
🌱 How gardening enhances your health and well-being, including therapeutic use of herbs.
❤️ Benefits of growing superfoods for long-term health and food sovereignty.
🐝 Innovative strategies for increasing pollination and ecosystem health in your garden.

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Monday, May 13th, 2024. Link to join will be emailed to Harvest Club members.

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