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12, 2024

Summit_Live Long & Thrive
Brian Vaszily

This Week’s Feature:

👏🏻 Live Long and Thrive Summit 👏🏻

Grow Your Own Vegetables Friend Brian Vaszily, a widely respected natural health advocate and researcher for well over 20 years, has gathered 22 world-renowned and legendary MDs and researchers to share with our Garden Community many widely unknown but proven steps to living longer AND living healthier.

The specialists who will be speaking as part of the Live Long and Thrive Summit come from many areas of studies such as:

✅ Gut, Brain, Heart, and Eye Health
✅ Cancer, Diabetes, and Autoimmune
✅ Pain, Anxiety, Sleep, Mobility, Energy, and Resilience
✅ Food and Nutrition
✅ Ancient and Herbal Medicine
✅ Toxins and Detoxing

This seven-day not-to-miss summit is completely free to the Grow Your Own Vegetables Community. The Live Long and Thrive Summit promises to be anything but the “same old, same old” health advice you’ve heard before. Click below to find out more and save your seat to learn these life-changing secrets.

Summit_Live Long & Thrive

Do I Need Seeds to Grow Herbs?

Want to fast track your herb garden? View this week’s highlighted video for a quick garden hack that works great for growing basil, sage, oregano, mint, lemon balm, tarragon, and marjoram, just to name a few.


Weekly Garden Tip

Not all containers are safe for growing food. People have attempted growing in everything from old tv entertainment centers, treated lumber, and old tires to shoes and laundry baskets. Most of these materials are just not safe to grow food in as the materials they’re made with can leach toxins into the soil that your plants absorb internally.

Before you grow in a container, you need to know what the material is made of and do your research to ensure it’s safe for your food. That’s why in our Container Gardening Micro Course, we have an entire 45 minute lesson just about choosing safe to grow in garden containers.

Free Resource: Add Herbs to Your Garden & Your Diet

Are you currently growing fresh herbs? You may want to consider it! Most herbs are relatively easy to grow and are proven to be great for blood flow and your heart health overall.

Grow Your Own Vegetables friend Brian Vaszily is offering our garden community free access to his latest eGuide, in which you will discover how by simply adding more herbs and spices to your diet, you may experience a healthy, stronger heart.

The free resource, The Top 30 Herbs & Spices to Lower Your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Triglycerides, was deeply researched by Brian and written in a clear and concise manner to benefit all who read it. The eGuide contains practical tips on how to make the best choices of which herbs and spices are best for you, including the most effective amount to consume of each.

Nearly 50% of all Americans will develop heart disease in their lifetime, and as you know, it’s the #1 most deadly disease. So, it’s “worth your while” to eat more herbs and spices that can help you. What better way than by growing your own fresh in your own garden?

Protect your heart health by reading The Top 30 Herbs & Spices to Lower Your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Triglycerides and adding herbs to your next garden plan!

Brian Vaszily_Top 30 Herbs & Spices Resource

👩🏽‍🌾 Crop Planning Course! 👩🏽‍🌾

Do you want a roadmap to your garden for the entire growing season?

Crop Planning Course

A few weeks ago, we opened our Crop Planning Course for new enrollment. 

🤔 Imagine…

💚 Timing your plants so that every single square inch of your garden produces fresh, healthy food for you.
💚 Knowing what you will plant and when so that you don’t have to think about it again.
💚 Relaxing and enjoying your garden more because you are ready for the changing temperatures throughout the season.
💚 Never planning again because you have the tools and templates you need to create a successful, stress-free growing season year after year.
💚 Feeling confident making small adaptations to tried and true plans that expert gardeners use all around the world.

According to the National Gardening Association:

“A small garden can save you a bundle at the grocery store: an average plot provides an estimated 300 pounds of fresh produce worth $600.”

We are so confident that you find this course to be worth every penny that we are offering a full 1-year total satisfaction guarantee!

Grow your own confidence by discovering how the RIGHT crop plan increases your annual harvests and can be reused year after year. Learn this and more in our Crop Planning Course.

🙋‍♀️ BLOG 🙋‍♀️
3 Mistakes Beginners Make Saving Seeds—And What to Do Instead

Seed Cycle

Saving your own seeds is about the entire journey—from the moment you hold that tiny fleck of life on the tip of your finger, all the way through that plant’s life, to that special moment when you are holding the next generation of seeds in your palm. This experience gives seed savers a special relationship to plants and the food that they provide us. However, if you make these three mistakes, you’ll end up disappointed. Find out what they are and how to avoid them in this week’s featured blog.

Easi Grip Long Reach Tool Set

🛍 Product Feature: Garden Tower 2

Worried about not having a lot of space to grow the vegetables and herbs that you want? We love this as a solution—the Garden Tower 2!

Using only 4 square feet of space—indoors or out, you can grow up to 50 plants vertically. The Garden Tower 2 is a great option for gardening outdoors on small patios, balconies, or even rooftops. Indoors, the tower fits neatly into the corner of any room.

Almost any vegetable or herb can be grown in the Garden Tower 2. It is the perfect solution for growing lettuces, kale, chard, peppers, and so much more. Recently named the “World’s Most Advanced Container Garden,” it eliminates weeding, electricity, and most water loss associated with conventional gardening.

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti,

Question: I am starting a small garden in a 24″ raised bed. What kind of soil or what mix of soils do I need? – Mary M.

Answer: Hi, Mary! That’s a great question! In general, you’ll want to use a raised bed topsoil mix specifically safe for food gardening, compost, glacial rock dust and possibly potting mix, coconut coir, and other amendments like biochar. What specifically you will need will depend on whether your raised beds will be attached to the ground below or detached from the ground and if growing in raised beds attached to the ground, what your soil composition is.

To learn more about what you need for your specific garden set up, I recommend registering for the Joyful Gardener Docuseries. It’s a totally FREE online event happening February 20-27, 2024. It’s a comprehensive 8 video series on starting a garden. If you’re interested, you can register here.


🏡 In the GYOV Yarden

Denise Beins, GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener, is assessing her seed inventory and making plans for this year’s garden. Denise uses seeds that she has saved from past seasons’ harvest as well as seeds from some of GYOV’s favorite seeds companies.

What vegetables will you be starting from seeds this year? Let us know in the Grow Your Own Vegetables Garden Adventure Facebook Group HERE.

Denise Beins, GYOV CEO, assessing her seeds for the upcoming season

Garden Events for You!

Vegetable Summit

Thriving Farmers Vegetable Summit

WHO: Michael Kilpatrick

WHEN: January 11-14, 2024

WHAT: The Thriving Farmers Vegetable Summit features 27+ expert speakers—including Grow Your Own Vegetables’ own Stacey Murphy—to share with YOU their best advice on how to grow and sell more vegetables fresh from your own garden.

During the 4-day summit, you will receive FREE training on planning, producing, and selling veggies, including how to:

🥬 Save your own seeds
🥬 Plan vegetables into your home landscape
🥬 Produce an abundance in a small area
🥬 Include winter greens for year-round production
🥬 Maintain healthy, fertile soil

The Thriving Farmers Vegetable Summit is full of actionable, step-by-step conversations with expert farmers, artisans, gardeners, homesteaders, and industry speakers, who are sharing all about growing and selling veggies.

The Joyful Gardener Event

Joyful Gardener Docuseries

WHO: Grow Your Own Vegetables

WHEN: February 20-27, 2024 !

WHATThe Joyful Gardener Docuseries is upcoming next month. Reserve your spot during our early registration to the 8-episode virtual event.

During the week-long event, you will discover what makes some people grow WILDLY abundant vegetable and herb gardens even in their first year…no matter where they live…no matter how small their garden is!

Learn about these garden essentials:

💚 Mindset
💚 Climate
💚 Soil
💚 Compost
💚 Plants
💚 Water
💚 Tending
💚 Harvesting

And most importantly, learn about the joy of gardening!

Growing vegetables and herbs can be easier than you think. Discover the secrets to more harvest and less stress at the Joyful Gardener Docuseries Event.

Harvest Club Logo


This past Monday, we had the first Garden Jam LIVE Q&A of 2024! We covered apple tree pruning, successfully starting snap peas in containers, biochar, soil blocks and more!

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

On a lighter note…

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