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15, 2024

Self Sufficient Living Bundle now only $50
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Self-Sufficient Living Bundle

The Self-Sufficient Living Bundle is a collection of 100+ high-quality eBooks, courses, and guides. Within this bundle, there is something for everyone.

Here is just a sampling of some of the topics covered:

✅ How to find self-reliance and self-sufficiency on your own terms
✅ How to create a garden designed for sustainability
✅ How to raise chickens, goats, sheep, and bees
✅ How to preserve your food with both traditional and modern techniques
✅ How to construct chicken coops and raised garden beds
✅ How to create your own plant-based skincare and cosmetic items
✅ How to prepare for emergency readiness and survival skills
✅ How to live harmoniously with nature

Again, this is just a very small sampling from the over 100+ eBooks, courses, and guides that comprise the Self-Sufficient Living Bundle! If purchased separately, the items are worth over $5900 but are available right now as part of this special bundle for only $50!

🌟 BONUS 🌟 Grow Your Own Vegetables has included our Garden Freedom Micro Course as part of the Self-Sufficient Living Bundle. If you have ever considered purchasing this course, which is normally $97, you can have it PLUS 100 other items for only $50.

Don’t wait to add all this information to your garden library. The Self-Sufficient Living Bundle is only available for a few days.

You absolutely CANNOT find this level of value combined in an ultimate collection at this price anywhere else!

👩🏽‍🌾 The Container Gardening Micro Course! 👩🏽‍🌾

The Container Gardening Micro Course takes your container garden to the next level by teaching you the steps to customize your garden to fit YOUR space, budget, and lifestyle. You learn the tips and tricks to experience plentiful vegetable harvests in your containers.

Inside this course, you learn:

✔️ How to garden anywhere, no matter how much—or little—space you have
✔️ How to increase your growing space outdoors in the same square footage
✔️ How to grow indoors if you do not have available outdoor space
✔️ How start your own seeds
✔️ How to extend your growing season
✔️ How to optimize your available sunlight

Even if you do not have a lot of space, you can grow your own fresh delicious food!

Benefits of Crimson Clover as a Cover Crop

Upclose pic of crimson clover with the words "benefits of crimson clover as a cover crop"

As Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day 🎩, this week’s blog explores the benefits of Crimson Clover 🍀 as a cover crop for your garden. Learn why this easy to grow and beautiful to view crop is a super benefit to grow in your garden during your off season.

What are Cover Crops?

Master Garden Instructor Stacey Murphy explains the purpose and benefits of cover crops and shares her favorite ones in this week’s featured video. One of her favorites is Crimson Clover. 🍀


Weekly Garden Tip

A lot of people want to know how big their food scrap pieces should be for maximum compost speed. The trick is to know that the more surface area, the faster the decomposition process can be. For more surface area, you want the pieces smaller.

Some people have tried using a blender to get the sizes super small, but the result of this is often just a goopy mess. You often end up with one big piece again.

Instead of a blender, try using a food processor on pulse instead. You want finely diced pieces. As you process your scraps, if you start to notice a lot of liquid and it starts to look like a smoothie, you’ve gone too far.

Free Resource

Stage 1 Soil Checklist

Soil is the earth’s life force, and nature creates it…well, naturally. However, for us, it can seem rather complex. There is so much to know, and science has barely scraped the surface of what is actually going on below the ground. Luckily, you don’t need to know everything about soil health in order to build it.

To help you achieve success, discover the key pieces of knowledge in this week’s free resource that you need to know about your soil in order to grow an abundant garden!

Stage 1 Soil E-Guide

Product Feature: Biochar

They say that a teaspoon of biochar has the same surface area of up to two football fields. This means biochar is like a massive storage space in your garden for beneficial bacteria, fungi, nutrients, and water. Using biochar can lead to better water usage, increased microbial activity, and improved plant growth.

The biochar from Grow Your Own Vegetables’ friend Growing Farmers is crafted from 100% hardwood and boasts a 77% carbon content. It arrives uncharged but includes full instructions on how to charge your biochar. Their biochar is also OMRI approved for use in organic systems.

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: What things can you and can you not feed the worms? Tips on harvesting and using castings please. – Mary Beth A.

Answer: Great question, Mary Beth!

If you’re in Harvest Club, you can check out the article on vermicomposting in Vol. 25 of your Harvest Today Newsletter HERE called Vermicomposting: The Do’s & the Definitely Don’t’s.

We also have a comprehensive guide to vermicomposting on our blog. You can find that blog post HERE.

One of the most common mistakes people make is overfeeding their worms. One pound of worms should get about a half pound of food per day. The average waste currently generated is about one pound of food per person per day so chances are, you’ll have way more food scraps than you want to add to your bin, unless you have about 2 pounds of worms per person in your household.

Below is a great infographic on what to feed your worms and what to avoid.

Good luck on your vermicomposting journey, Mary Beth!

Dear Arti Infograph on Feeding Worms (compost)

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

This will be GYOV Content Editor Michelle Badger’s first year in her new home in East Tennessee, and she is in the beginning stages of planning her raised garden beds for this year. This is a picture of her front yard, which receives the 6-8 hours of sunlight necessary to grow her vegetables. She is following the steps in the Beginning Crop Planning Micro Course to get her started on the right root!

Who else is starting a new garden this year? Let us know in our Facebook Garden Community HERE.

In the Garden - Front Yard

Garden Events for You!

The Need to Grow. Watch Free for a Limited Time. Image of a plant beginning to sprout.

The Need to Grow

WHO: Food Revolution Network

WHEN: Happening Now

WHAT: The Need to Grow is a film about environmental solutions that gives the world hope.

Industrial agriculture has become one of the most destructive forces on the planet—eroding the soil of vital nutrients and contaminating our food and bodies with pesticides.

Fortunately, there are a few brave innovators fighting for change. The Need to Grow highlights their story, and thanks to our friends at Food Network Revolution, the Grow Your Own Vegetables Community is invited to the limited free screening of this documentary happening now. 

The focus of this film is on soil, food, and the future of our species told through the lens of three extraordinary and very likable characters and their journeys for change because they believe that change happens when people know the truth!

Beyond the Brain Docuseries

Beyond the Brain

WHO: Zonia

WHEN: Happening Now

WHAT: Beyond the Brain reveals in this unique 9-episode docuseries how to activate the “Gut-Brain Superhighway” as well as how to win the war against brain fog, memory loss, depression, and crippling brain and gut diseases. Over 40 experts will share their latest breakthroughs and best healing protocols…at no cost to you.

The episodes include:

✅ The Silent Assault on Our Brain
✅ The Hidden Toxic Sources of Your Pain, Fatigue, and Brain Fog
✅ The Cause of Brain and Mental Health Deterioration

And that’s just the first three days!

The methods shared in this new docuseries are innovative, progressive, and holistic. Access the brain health secrets of world-renowned experts and discover that the power to heal is inside your own body!

Harvest Club Logo


This past Monday in Harvest Club, we had the first March Garden Jam LIVE Q&A, where we welcomed several new members. If you weren’t able to join us live, click below to watch the replay!

UPCOMING: Bulbing Onions Guide

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

🎉 Just for Fun!

Gardening Word Search Puzzle

(Answer Puzzle will be in next week’s newsletter)

What do you get when you cross poison ivy and a four-leaf clover? A Rash of Good Luck

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