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08, 2024

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Joyful Gardener Course 🐝

Picture your dream vegetable garden? Do you see it clearly in your mind?

Our Joyful Gardener Course is the foundation for achieving that dream garden by learning how your dream vegetable garden can fit easily into your lifestyle. A dream garden full of healthy delicious food is easier than most gardeners realize.

Many gardeners, though, spend years—or even decades—fighting against Mother Nature instead of working with her. The struggle is almost never because of a lack of effort and instead because of a lack of knowledge, techniques, or proper systems AND not having the right mindset to believe in yourself and your garden.

The right garden mindset makes everything in your garden easier. That’s why the Joyful Gardener Course  includes a mindset exercise. Your mind is like a garden—you have to nourish and cultivate the right thoughts!

The Joyful Gardener Course  is more than the recent docuseries. Some added goodies include:

📝 Brand new worksheets to track and monitor your growing
📝 Transcripts of all the episodes for you to download and enrich your notes
📝 Hand-edited closed captioning to make it accessible for ALL gardeners
📝 Lifetime access to everything
📝 PLUS two free months in Harvest Club, our members only garden club

And as a special for our awesome Grow Your Own Vegetables garden community, the Joyful Gardener Course  is being offered for three days only at a $120 savings. Through Monday, March 11th at 11:59pm Pacific Time, you can get the full Joyful Gardener 8-Lesson Course for less than $10 per course. What are you waiting for? Let’s get you that dream garden!

🌿 Top Herbal Oil Blends to Soothe Anxiety
and Support Daily Nervous System

Top Herbal Oil Blends to Soothe Your Anxiety and Support Daily Nervous System Reset: Free Webinar
Circle of spoons holding different fresh herbs

We all probably agree that the world today is not easy, right? It’s full of daily headaches and stressors. We get busy and run some days on autopilot, not recognizing the full stress of it all. This wrecks havoc on our nervous systems and often leads to anxiety. 

But another thing we probably agree on is that we’re tired of so many medicines. That’s why we love Grow Your Own Vegetables’ friend Kami McBride and her natural herbal solutions and love sharing her free workshops with our garden community. We grow the herbs—why not use them to their fullest potential?

Her latest upcoming workshop is on soothing anxiety and supporting your daily nervous system. It’s about self-care—who doesn’t love self-care—and maintaining a deep connection with our bodies and our health. 

In this LIVE workshop, you learn about:

🌿 Self-Care Oil Therapy: The powerful herbal medicine practice to hone your herbal skills while supporting deep rest and rejuvenation
🌿 Your Self-Care Sanctuary: Soothe stress, soften anxiety, and reset your nervous system
🌿 7 Trusted Herbal Oil Blends: The oils students swear by for the past 25 years to stay sensitized and get unstuck from numbed out, autopilot states
🌿 Your Herbal Intuition: Why your Self-Care Sanctuary is vital to your success as an herbalist
🌿 Lifestyle Medicine: Navigate life’s challenges

Top Herbal Oil Blends to Soothe Your Anxiety and Support Daily Nervous System Reset is happening this weekend on Sunday, March 10th at 5:30pm Pacific Time / 8:30pm Eastern Time so don’t wait to save your spot for this free workshop to learn about some much needed self-care!

Rediscover Your Garden Joy

Upclose view of a vegetable garden with JOY spelled out on rocks

The joy of gardening is a dynamic and evolving experience. It is perfectly normal to go through periods where the enthusiasm wanes, but with a shift in mindset and deliberate efforts to rediscover joy, you can rekindle the pleasure of tending to your garden. This week’s featured blog article offers ways for you to rediscover—if lost—your garden joy!

Michele’s North Carolina Soil Story

Most gardeners do not start out with the perfect soil. In this Case Study with Michele from North Carolina, it shows what is possible in just a couple of months when you understand the process of discovering what your soil needs and how to fix it.


Weekly Garden Tip

To calculate sunlight hours in a garden with shade cloth, take your total amount of sunlight hours and multiply by the percentage of shade cloth you have or are thinking about purchasing. Deduct this amount from the total hours.

For example, if you receive ten hours of sunlight in your garden and you add a 20% shade cloth, the calculation would be:

10 hours x 0.20 = 2
10 hours – 2 = 8 remaining sunlight hours

This calculation helps to ensure that you are still getting 6-8 hours of sunlight.

Free Resource: eGuide

9 Superfoods from India, Uganda, Korea & Italy Your Gut Needs

Everyone is talking about gut health, but how many people are actually fixing it? This week’s free resource approaches the subject head on. 9 Superfoods from India, Uganda, Korea & Italy Your Gut Needs is a free eBook shares:

✔️ How to reduce inflammation
✔️ How to improve digestion
✔️ How to increase antioxidant activity
✔️ What delicious vegan protein feeds your healthy gut bacteria
✔️ What Ugandan root vegetable promotes healthy gut microbiome
✔️ What Ugandan root vegetable stabilizes blood sugar levels
✔️ …and so much more!

The free eBook also includes 5 easy recipes to take advantage of the 9 superfoods discussed.

eGuide Cover of 9 Superfoods from India, Uganda, Korea, & Italy Your Gut Needs

Product Feature: GYOV Tote Bags

Spring is just around the corner…hopefully! 🤞 Soon, your days will be filled with trips to your local garden store or fun-filled days walking around your farmer’s market. What better way to bring home your garden goodies than with your very own Grow Your Own Vegetables Tote Bag

These cute canvas tote bags feature funny garden puns accompanied by either our goofy garden characters or beautiful watercolor designs painted by our very own CEO Denise Beins. The same design is featured on both sides of this two-sided design bag. 

The highly durable 100% polyester tote bags are available in three sizes to fit your specific needs. They also make great gifts for all the gardening lovers in your life!

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti:

Question: How do I improve my soil? – Chad

Answer: Hi, Chad! That is a really good question!

A lot of building healthy soil is about knowing the current state of your soil. To learn about your soil:

1) Get a one-time heavy metal test to be sure your soil is safe to grow food. See TPSLab.com

2) Get a full nutrient soil test to see what your soil has and what it might be lacking. See TPSLab.com

3) Do a soil jar test to see what your soil is made of. From that, you can determine a lot about what your soil might need.

However, there are a few main ways people can build healthy soil:

1) Add compost

2) Plant cover crops

3) Add BioChar (for non-alkaline soils only)

4) Protect your soil by not leaving it bare

I hope that helps point you in the right direction, Chad!

🏡 In the GYOV Garden

Recently, after pruning her rosemary, GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins decided to put some rosemary leaves into the dehydrator in order to dry out the fragrant herb to enjoy in some of her favorite recipes. Rosemary is a great flavor-additive for stews, salads, soups, and casseroles, as well as a fantastic complement to potatoes, lamb, poultry, beef, and fish. Dehydrating is an easy way to preserve your herb harvests for later use.

One image shows the rosemary being pruned and the other shows it being placed in the dehydrator

👩🏽‍🌾 Garden Kids: Cutting Herbs Sensory Activity

A child cutting herbs with scissors

Growing a herb garden is a great way to introduce kids to different herbs at an early age. The herbs can also provide an interactive sensory activity by allowing them to help prune and cut the herbs that are harvested. While they are cutting the herbs—with child-safe scissors, of course and supervised—it’s the perfect time to talk about the herbs. Ask them how they think each herb smells and what foods might taste good with the herbs added. Early exposure to herbs helps to educate young tastebuds and allow them to fully experience a range of flavors through their lifetime!

A kid cutting herbs with scissors

Garden Events for You!

Uncovering the Secrets Live Beyond the Norms

Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity

WHO: Health Means

WHEN: This Weekend, March 9th & 10th

WHAT: Uncovering Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norm leads you on the path of self-discovery and empowerment…at your own pace! In this webinar, you unlock the secrets to thriving in your later years with the insights of over 50 leading longevity experts. 

As part of the webinar, you receive:

🍏 Top 11 Longevity Supplements
🍏 The Fountain of Youth Inside Your Head eGuide
🍏 Top 6 Foods to Avoid
🍏 18 Tips to Biohack Your Way to Longevity
🍏 Top 5 Exercises for Longevity from Leading Experts

Imagine the possibility of adding years to your life while maintaining vibrant health, youthful vitality, and sharp mental acuity!

Beyond the Brain Docuseries

Beyond the Brain

WHO: Zonis

WHEN: March 12-21, 2024

WHAT: Beyond the Brain reveals in this unique 9-episode docuseries how to activate the “Gut-Brain Superhighway” as well as how to win the war against brain fog, memory loss, depression, and crippling brain and gut diseases. Over 40 experts will share their latest breakthroughs and best healing protocols…at no cost to you.

The episodes include:

✅ The Silent Assault on Our Brain
✅ The Hidden Toxic Sources of Your Pain, Fatigue, and Brain Fog
✅ The Cause of Brain and Mental Health Deterioration

And that’s just the first three days!

The methods shared in this new docuseries are innovative, progressive, and holistic. Access the brain health secrets of world-renowned experts and discover that the power to heal is inside your own body!

Harvest Club Logo


This week in Harvest Club, we released mini lessons on watering container gardens, what happens to transplants in a nursery and more.

Harvest Club Members, get the next Garden Jam on your calendar—join the Garden Jam on Monday, March 11th!

If you’re new to Harvest Club, join a half hour early at 3:30 pm Pacific Time / 6:30 pm Eastern Time to learn about all the extra resources and ask your questions. Allow extra time for this Garden Jam because we are prepared to go a half hour over from normal if we need to this week, as we have a lot of new joiners! 🥳

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

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