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9, 2024

Inflammation Solution

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🌿 12 Natural Remedies to Add to Your Next Garden

We have all experienced inflammation in some form or fashion in our lifetime. However, chronic inflammation can be sneaky. It stays within your body, often without your awareness.

Chronic inflammation—if left unchecked—can develop into a “silent killer.”

However, there are superfoods with super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These superfoods are recognized as SAFE by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and found in any grocery store. They may even be sitting in your pantry right now!

Grow Your Own Vegetables’ friends at Goodness Lover are offering a free eGuide to our garden community that reveals the twelve powerful herbs and nutrients entitled 12 Natural Remedies to Combat Inflammation. Many of these can be easily added to your own garden!

In addition to their anti-inflammatory power, these natural remedies tackle fatigue, sore joints, brain fog, and depression. Recent studies are discovering their effectiveness in also preventing or suppressing cancer growth by destroying problematic cells, decreasing proliferation, and causing cell-cycle arrest.

And again, they are easily accessible, safe for use, and may already be in your home—or in your garden!

Inflammation Solution

👩🏽‍🌾 The Seeds Micro Course 👩🏽‍🌾

As the planet ages and changes, it has become increasingly important to explore growing your own food. You want to know where your food comes from, how your food is grown, AND that you have food, right? And growing that food from seeds is not only rewarding but is the more economical choice!

As someone who is passionate about preserving the seed heritage and maintaining seed freedom for future generations, Course Instructor Crystal Meserole created the Seeds Micro Course for gardeners to feel empowered and confident when you are choosing, growing, and saving seeds. Understanding the differences between seed types allows you to make choices that align with YOUR personal values.

Normally, the Seeds Micro Course course is $97. However, for a limited time, you can get the course for only $47! In this course, you learn all the basics of seeds to move forward confidently on your garden journey.

💰Click the button below to enjoy the savings on the Seeds Micro Course followed by the savings—and fulfillment—that you will enjoy from growing your own food from seeds!

Free Resource: Guide to a Garden that Thrives!

Whether you’re new to gardening or have grown for years, this week’s FREE eGuide is designed to help you create AND maintain a healthy, abundant garden. The Guide to a Garden that Thrives! contains key pieces of information that you need to know in order to achieve garden success.

Discover how to create a healthy garden and receive questions to ask yourself when your garden plants aren’t in optimal health. Use the Circle of Awesome inside the free eGuide to grow with ease. Click below to get your complimentary copy of the Guide to a Garden that Thrives! eGuide.

Guide to a Garden that Thrives!
Compost Tea

🛍 Product Feature: Compost Teas for the Organic Grower

Compost teas are a great natural resource to remedy many different soil nutrient deficits that may occur in your gardens. Permaculture orchardist Eric Fisher’s book Compost Teas for the Organic Grower educates growers on how to diagnose these problems and identify the natural remedy that will resolve the issue.

His book also contains a wide range of compost tea recipes, which can both correct nutrient deficiencies in your soil and serve as a natural pesticide and insecticide. Many of these teas are created using plants that may already be growing around you.

Want to gain knowledge and confidence about diagnosing plant disease and pest problems as well as be able to create natural remedies for them? Compost Teas for the Organic Grower is the resource book to add to your garden library.

3 Keys to Successful Indoor Seed Starting

Ready to start your seeds for the next growing season? Avoid these common mistakes when starting your seeds indoors. Discover the three key things that you need to know to grow strong seedlings and transplants in this week’s highlighted video.


Weekly Garden Tip

“If you have no pests, then the beneficials won’t have any food. If there’s no food available, your garden protectors aren’t going to stick around, and your garden will be left exposed to infestations.”

~ Crystal Meserole, Grow Your Own Vegetables Garden Advisor

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5 Tips to Stay Joyful in Your Garden

Garden Personalities

Finding joy in your garden is about a bountiful harvest, but it is also more than that. It’s about relishing the entire journey. When you are a joyful gardener, you experience the true harmonious wonder that is gardening. However, staying joyful can be tough sometimes, especially if your season starts to overwhelm you. This week’s featured blog article contains five useful tips to help you stay joyful in your garden.

Dear Arti Image

Dear Arti,

Question: I’m confused why my vegetables look like they’re growing great but not producing a lot of food. – Annette

Answer: Hi Annette,

You’re not alone! A lot of people experience this issue.

If all your crops are looking green and beautiful but not producing fruit, typically, the main culprit in this situation is the ratio of nitrogen to potassium and phosphorus is out of balance with the nitrogen being too high. If plants have access to a lot of nitrogen, they will often go for that and opt out of the other two main nutrients required for rooting and fruiting (phosphorus and potassium). When this happens, a lot of people go and just add a bunch of potassium and phosphorus to their soil. I do NOT recommend doing this.

First, figure out if the phosphorus and potassium are in your soil but not bioavailable—available to be taken into plant roots and utilized—or whether you are actually short of potassium and phosphorus.

Test your soil pH. If your soil pH is off, you might have nutrient lockout. Then it is a simple solution of rebalancing your soil pH.

If your soil pH levels are within range for your plants to access phosphorus and potassium, it’s possible you may need to amend your soil. This is especially true if you have clay soil.

It’s also possible that you need to add microbes to your soil. A compost tea spray can really help with this. Here’s how powerful compost tea is.

One small handful of COMPOST contains roughly eight billion microorganisms. Eight billion! That’s as many people as there are on the planet! But if you think that’s BIG, compost TEA has been found to contain up to 10,000 times that number in the same volume of space. That’s HUGE! That’s 80 trillion little workers ready to do the garden work for you—right in the palm of your hand.

Now it may be that you have adequate bioavailable phosphorus and potassium levels but too much nitrogen. If this is the case, you’ll want to take quick action now. You can plant a fast growing green carpet. This is where you broadcast cut-and-come-again lettuce seed on the soil below the plants. Prune leaves on your plants above where you can to let sunlight on the bed for the lettuce. You can harvest this lettuce three times and then till the crop under and plant another round, if you need. The lettuce will happily take some of that nitrogen to grow and hopefully take enough to get those fruiting and rooting crops to develop.

For long term management of excessive nitrogen levels, I recommend planting a nitrogen heavy crop in your bed. It will mean you lose access to that bed during the time that crop is growing, but it can help rebalance the soil long term. Corn is a good choice. It is one of the heaviest feeders.

Ultimately, you’ll want to look at your soil test to know for sure whether your levels are out of balance or some nutrients are just not bioavailable. Be careful! Some soil testers test nutrients bioavailable but not total nutrients IN your soil. Some test the total in the soil but not bioavailable. If you haven’t had your soil tested, check out TPSlab.com.

I hope that helps, Annette!


🏡 In the GYOV Garden

GYOV CEO and Lifestyle Gardener Denise Beins is checking out her seeds inventory and plotting out what she wants to grow this year so that she can place her seed order!

What are you growing this year? Are you starting from seeds? Let us know in our FB Group HERE.

In the garden Vegetable Scock

👩🏽‍🌾 Garden Kids: Learn About Composting!

Looking for a great way to teach your kids about the power of composting? Bethany Stahl’s book Save the Scraps tells the story of two children who learn how to compost with the help of their wiggly worm friend Mr Squiggles. Both educational and silly, Save the Scraps teaches kids that there is a better use for their leftovers than just throwing the food away.

Want to start the lesson on a smaller scale? With the See-Through Compost Container, kids can easily view the entire decomposition process with three clear, separate, and aerated compartments. It’s a great way to keep kids engaged while learning about decomposition, composting, and the life cycles of organic materials.

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Free 5 Day Plant-Based Challenge

The Inflammation Solution

WHO: Goodness Lover

WHEN: February 19 – March 3, 2024

WHAT: The Inflammation Solution was created because more than 50% of deaths worldwide are linked to chronic inflammation-related diseases. Unfortunately, the warning signs of chronic inflammation can be incredibly hard to recognize.

Created by Health Researchers Sarah Otto and Matt Potts, who also created The Gut Solution, The Gut-Brain Solution, and The Gut-Immune Solution, this 10-part masterclass teaches you:

🌿 How to tell if “silent inflammation” is slowly stealing away your health
🌿 How to recognize (even before it shows up in labs) the first signs of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, and strokes
🌿 Which tests to ask your doctor for if you are concerned about your inflammation level
🌿 What is the ancient natural remedy that you can use to instantly lower inflammation

In addition to life-threatening diseases, chronic inflammation is also the cause of everything that you know as “aging” such as wrinkly skin, grey hair, and reduced energy.

However, this complimentary event shares the latest natural protocols to halt and even reverse the chronic inflammation attacking your body from inside.

It’s time to fight back and combat the inflammation that is robbing you of health and vitality!

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This week in Harvest Club brings even more newly released Video Clips for members. Learn when it is too late to plant as well as get tips on hugelkultur, black walnut trees, and vegetable gardens. Also find out what exactly are aromatic herbs and more!

Not a member of our garden membership Harvest Club? You can get a one-time complimentary two month membership with any of our courses. Harvest Club has tons of resources to help you thrive. Plus, you get access to ongoing garden support through email. Learn more here.

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