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No. 41

13, 2023

🌿 You Are What You Eat 🌿

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Our current food system makes billions of people sick and costs the economy trillions of dollars in “sick care” costs. It’s time to rise up and say no to a system that doesn’t put our health and happiness first.

During the 8-day Food Revolution Summit, you will hear from 45 of the world’s most respected food and health experts, including New York Times best-selling authors, holistic doctors, surgeons, scientific researchers, weight loss experts, and more.

We ALL have the power to take a stand for our health. It’s time for a Food Revolution!

🍂 Fall Gardening Sale 🍂

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We recently hosted a Fall Gardening Webinar with Jason Matyas. During the webinar, attendees were extended three special offers to help with your fall and winter gardening:

• 30% off Winter Gardening: Your Successful Winter Garden—Indoors & Outdoors
•  50% off of Seeds Micro Course
•  15% off Heirloom Seeds from Seeds for Generations (US & Canada Only)

🌿 Learn How to Cover Crop by “Under-Cropping” 🌿

Learn about cover cropping as well as Stacey’s trick in this short video.
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💚 Spirit Gardening Course 💚

Did your harvest not go exactly how you imagined this year? Trouble with pests, soil issues, or maybe an early frost? You are not alone. Even the most seasoned gardeners face these issues some years.

A helpful key to surviving these frustrating occurrences is having the right mindset and plan. This is where Spirit Gardening comes in! Spirit Gardening is a method of communicating with your garden and reconnecting to the magic and wonder of nature. 

Spirit Gardening is…

• An opportunity to try new things and experiment
A place where you can make more progress on your gardening goals
A chance to learn more about gardening in one season than some learn in a lifetime

Thousands of students have used Spirit Gardening to get through their gardening questions, obstacles, and doubts. You can, too!

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