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Event Aired Live July 21-24


While the Live Event has already aired, you can still enjoy these bonus presentations.

What is the Homegrown Revolution…

Meet successful gardeners around the world

Stacey’s Story

I was an engineer and an architect with a busy job and a long commute. It frustrated me that I could manage complex projects at work, but a vegetable & herb garden seemed impossible to fit into everyday life.

In 2009, I was taught techniques for growing tons of organic vegetables and herbs in a small space with not a lot of effort. Since then, I have been obsessed with helping people create good garden habits that fit into their busy schedule and most importantly fit their personality. The New Homegrown Revolution began as an idea with my fellow students and gardeners to show how shockingly simple it CAN be. It’s my mission to support one million beginning gardeners cultivate successful vegetable and herb gardens so that you, too, can enjoy a grocery aisle right in your own yard (or even inside your house)!


Grow your own greens ANYWHERE: Your guide to the most nutrient dense greens in just days !

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