Welcome to the Fantastical Winter Garden Adventure

Day 1: Discover what Mary Poppins can teach you about gardening.

Discover 5 ways to not kill your winter garden before you get started:

  1. How preparing an indoor garden differs from an outdoor one (it can be a lot easier in some ways).
  2. Why 80% of your gardening success comes from the work you put in now.
  3. The top 5 activities that can kill your fantastical garden before you even start.
  4. What Thomas Edison can teach you about having a thriving indoor garden.
  5. A 5-minute visualization exercise to help you grow the garden of your dreams.

    Day 2: Discover what Elsa from Frozen can teach you about gardening.

    Discover 5 things about water:

    1. How to use water to properly rinse and prepare your seeds for sprouting.
    2. What to do if your tap water is hard, soft, or anything in between.
    3. The water breakthrough from a Japanese scientist that changes how you grow food forever.
    4. One thing no one tells you about water that could kill your plants.
    5. What “what-ifs” are important to watering your garden, and what “what-ifs” are just paper tigers.

    Day 3: Discover what Harry Potter can teach you about gardening.

    Discover 5 things about the Magical World of your Garden’s Micoorganisms…

    1. How to charm the good microorganisms in your garden
    2. Why you should keep the baby wizards in your house away from your sprouts
    3. Why some roots are confused for mold and how to tell the difference
    4. What bacteria and fungi are in the service of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
    5. The 5 “good” magical micro-heroes in your garden and their special magic.

    Day 4: Discover what The Grinch can teach you about gardening.

    In this replay you will discover:

    1. The one thing that matters MORE than your harvest.
    2. How to use your workbook to make your next sprouts even tastier.
    3. A fun, delicious recipe for lentils ( the best pairing with Roast Beast).
    4. How to use the Grinch’s secret to find daily gratitude in your garden.
    5. Fun ways to enjoy your garden besides just eating your new harvest

    Day 5: Discover what Mufasa from Lian King can teach you about gardening.

    In this replay you will discover how to continue your winter garden adventure:

    1. Exactly what to do now that you’ve completed your first 5-day adventure
    2. How to keep up your momentum from the last 5 days to grow even more
    3. Why it gets easier from here (and my recommendation for additional resources)
    4. How to decide on your next vegetable to grow (there is more than one right answer)
    5. An extra special invite to help you get to the next level with help from my team

    Now you have seen a few of the lessons you’ll get inside our Winter Gardening program! Maybe you’ve decided to join us!

    Just in case you haven’t though, here’s just a short list of the modules you’ll get inside the course…

    1. The Winter Gardening Mindset for Maximum Yield and Minimum Work
    2. Outdoor Winter Gardening: Leveraging Your Native Climate
    3. Outdoor Winter Gardening: Picking the Right Plants
    4. Indoor Winter Gardening: Setting Up for Success
    5. Indoor Winter Gardening: The Best Sprouts, Shoots and Greens

    In just a short while you will be getting fresher, tastier, and healthier greens, veggies, and herbs than you could find at the best farmers market in your neighborhood. Food that’s as safe as it is delicious. You know how it was grown because YOU grew it. It wasn’t farmed in a massive factory hothouse with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and GMO seeds.

    This is one good decision that is sure to make the rest of your winters a lot more “green”!