Watch this video to discover six simple ways to preserve your harvest and stock your kitchen full of fresh food year round.

Check out the time sensitive offer at the end of the video for the full Preserve the Harvest class including step-by-step instructions for freezing, drying, dehydrating, fermenting, curing, quick pickling and canning.

What students are saying...

Through taking this course I have so much more confidence in using the different preservation methods and in how to use what I preserve, because I now understand the principles of not only how the different preservation methods work,  but also principles of how to combine flavors and textures for great recipes - I've been taught to fish, not just given a fish!!” - Kate

I spent a nice day with my daughter making pickles and strawberry jam.” - Marcey

"I wanted an organized plan to plant, harvest, preserve and cook.  After spending countless hours surfing Youtube, trying to figure it all out on my own, I was feeling at a complete loss. Thank goodness for this course! It all makes good sense to me now and I feel much more confident going forward! Thank you so much!!!" - Becky

Your plant-based recipes, use of herbs, and systematic methods to develop these habits have especially helped me get on track.  I have more fresh produce coming to the kitchen and I'm eating most, then composting leftover or uneaten in the garden to go back into the soil.- Sandy

"We've got a counter full of colorful, veggie ferments going regularly. I know what to do with the beautiful variety of herbs we grow, and our food is tasting better, is fresher and definitely getting a boost nutritionally.  I've overcome harvest paralysis!" - Kate

"Stacey, You have been inspiring me! I have been making sauerkraut for years, and have taught classes; but I tend to be very simple in my flavors.  I love all the spices you add.  These chutneys are going to add zip to my meals. I have been loving this class!" - Patti