Preserve the Harvest

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Simple techniques & delicious recipes for curing, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting,
quick pickling, and canning.

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Module 1: Harvesting, Curing, Storing & Preparing
(Pre-recorded Videos Available NOW)
• When is peak ripeness?
• Harvesting & storing for maximum freshness

• Curing & storing vegetables to save fridge space
• Knife Skills: Fast food prep
• Stocking your pantry so you can whip up a delicious meal at the drop of a hat
Module 2: Drying,
Dehydrating & Freezing
(Pre-recorded Videos Available NOW)
• Drying & dehydrating vegetables & herbs to preserve all their nutrients
• Snack foods re-imagined including gluten-free crackers and fruit roll-ups
• Freezing herbs & vegetables for quick meals.
• Creating fun meals from frozen and dehydrated foods
Module 3: Fermenting &
Quick Pickling

(Pre-recorded Videos Available NOW)
• Yes! Lacto-Fermenting is safe
• Making favorites: sauerkraut & Kim Chi in minutes
• New twists: fermented jams, salsas, seed breads & chutneys

• Making vinegars out of your food scraps
• Quick Pickling (Fast food!)
• Low sugar / Low salt options
Module 4: Canning
(Pre-recorded Videos Available NOW)
• Pro tips for safe canning
• Water Bath Canning Vegetables
• Pressure Canning Vegetables
• Old favorites: pickles & salsas
• Unusual sauces & chutneys
• Unique sugar-free jam recipes 
Module 5: Preservation & Storage System
(Pre-recorded Videos Available NOW)
• 7 Steps: Harvest into Meal Plans
• Making stored foods the star of your meals (every morsel!)
• Symphony of flavors on every plate
• Planning next year's harvest for a more robust meal plan
• Preserve the harvest & prepare your meals in just a couple hours each week.
101 Recipes: Exciting Ways to Preserve the Harvest
• 101 Plant-based & gluten-free recipes
• Unique twists on old favorites: spice blends that give recipes new life.
• Can you have too much squash, beans, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers? Not with these recipes!
• Mix-n-match recipes for a full meal plan
• PLUS... How to vary recipes for picky eaters

When storing and preserving food, food safety should ALWAYS be your top priority. I'm going to show you best practices for food safety, but it is up to you to actually PRACTICE that food safety. I am NOT responsible for any food-borne sicknesses that may be the result of your kitchen practices... so don't leave your dirty spatula around for your dog to lick when you're not looking, etc, etc. I'll be sharing some safe knife skills with you. I am NOT responsible for any knife or scissor accidents that might result in bodily harm. With that said, I like to believe that everyone can make food and knife safety a natural part of their food preparation. I can support by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward. When you register for this class, you are agreeing to these terms. The truth is that your results are related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. Let's enjoy the vegetable harvest!