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Do you want to grow organic vegetables and herbs at a fraction of the price of the grocery store, but lack the garden know-how, time, and budget? Start today to grow, harvest & preserve delicious, nutrient-rich foods! 

Then you’re at the right place, because our self-paced online programs are designed just for you.

We know learning gardening online might seem strange, but our video style brings you right into Stacey’s garden. Here, you can watch over her shoulder and see exactly what she does and how to do it. We teach you step-by-step how to grow a thriving vegetable, herb and flower garden with less time and effort than you think. We show you how to tailor your garden to your local climate conditions and how to harvest and enjoy every morsel of homegrown deliciousness from your garden to your dinner plate.

Through these online programs, you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas and inspiration with an online community of like-minded, home-grown gardeners and gain 24-hour, lifetime access to the training modules, worksheets, downloadable templates, and more.

Whether you’re just getting started planting your first seeds, in the process of turning your brown thumb green, or ready to start doubling your vegetable and herb harvests, we have a program that’s right for you.

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Stacey Murphy’s Signature Programs

Stacey’s Foundational Program
Grow Your Own Vegetables & Herbs

Anyone can grow! Master Garden Trainer Stacey Murphy’s ultimate garden course that forms the bedrock for every successful garden! Named by many as the single most comprehensive online course to grow organic vegetables, this course takes the mystery out of thriving vegetable gardens. Discover this 7-step garden system so you can simplify your garden efforts and maximize your harvest.

Preserve & Store the Vegetable & Herb Harvest

Enjoy every last morsel of seasonal produce… whether it’s from your own garden or from the farmers market. Preserved food tastes like a ray of summer sun even on the coldest winter nights. No vegetables left behind! Follow my 7-Step Food Preservation System to cook and preserve everything. And with my 101 recipes, you’ll be able to Cure, Store, Dehydrate, Freeze, Ferment, Pickle and Can like a pro. Program focuses on vegetables and herbs and includes fruit recipes.

Crop Planning: Maximize harvests & grow organic vegetables

With some gardening experience under your belt, you’ll start to wonder how to get the most out of your garden. A crop plan is the next level tool to plan your entire growing season and pack in those plants into every nook and cranny. Want a short cut? Grab my templates and adapt them to your local conditions. This tool can be a bit heavy and hard to pick up on your own, but that’s why I’m here! In the videos, I walk you step-by-step through the process so that you’ll be confident that you are maximizing your garden harvest.


Grow your own greens ANYWHERE: Your guide to the most nutrient dense greens in just days !

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