Day 3 – Watch this Video to Discover the Real Reason to Preserve Fresh Food

Did you miss Day 1 or Day 2?
Catch the replay here:

Day 1 – Watch this Video to Discover the Real Reason to Preserve Fresh Food

Access this eGuide with Stacey’s three favorite zucchini recipes (Kids love these recipes too!)
Note: See page 3 for the ingredients list to gather for tomorrow’s pickling party

Day 2 – Watch this Video to Make Quick Pickles with Stacey

Now you have seen a few of the lessons you’ll get inside our Preserve Harvest Program! We hope you decide to join us!

It has everything you’ll want to make yourself delicious, healthy meals year round:

  • Save 40% on your grocery bill each year… stop throwing away produce that’s gone bad and discover how to store it for later.

  • Stock your pantry with a year’s worth of fresh, healthy meal options in just 6 weeks with these simple techniques, delicious recipes & creative meals.

  • Take advantage of your preserved harvest so you can enjoy meals in minutes… even when it’s cold outside and you don’t feel like cooking :wink:

  • Avoid the preservation overwhelm with step-by-step instructions… be ready to get it done so that you don’t miss out while there’s tons of fresh harvest available for the picking!

  • Quickly build your confidence and skill while avoiding expensive setbacks… know how to keep your food safe!

  • Watch over my shoulder as I freeze, dehydrate, ferment, can, and quick pickle so you can practice efficient techniques.

  • Meal planning made EASY! – You get food on your table in minutes when you follow my Harvest-Into-Meals 7-Step system (plus use up all those odds and ends so nothing goes to waste).


After we made it through 2020, it’s clear preserving food is SO important now. You and I need to have our favorite staples on hand in case the grocery store doesn’t

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