Become a Closet Gardener and Grow Greens Indoor Year Round

Growing greens year round means you don’t have to rely on the grocery store for your fresh, organic food… which is great if you keep having recalls on greens in your local area! That’s why Shannon started this beautiful indoor closet garden. Plus some hidden benefits that her doctors can’t explain… gardens really do HEAL!

Recently, Shannon asked how she might improve her yields. Discover what she has already done how she might tweak her system to impove her yields with tips on watering, “flies” and lights here.

Wondering what your health miracle might be?

Highlights from our conversation:

0:54 — Why Shannon started an indoor garden
1:45 — Shannon’s doctors can’t explain it… but gardens HEAL!
4:40 — For people wondering if they should get started gardening
7:22 — What a productive indoor garden looks like
8:37 — Watering tips for indoor trays
10:02 — #1 way to eliminate indoor bugs when closet gardening
11:35 — How BIG will the greens grow in trays indoors?
13:20 — How much light do you need in your closet garden for edibles?
15:23 — Best indoor fertility strategy

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