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Achieve Your Garden Dreams…

You heard about Harvest Club in the video. It’s THE place for gardeners ready for more homegrown, fresh vegetables and herbs with less work. You can enjoy a healthy, happy life with a garden, no matter how small it is (indoors or outdoors). 

More Harvest, Less Work:

If you’re a beginner gardener, you’ll love being surrounded by people living the green lifestyle. You’ll see it’s SO much easier to become a better gardener when you’re surrounded by successful gardeners. You’ll be encouraged to show off your sprouts on your countertop or your new raised beds.

And if you’re an advanced gardener, you’ll have all the resources you need to help you move forward, faster. You’ll get to see what other gardeners are doing to grow huge harvests. Because the more you become exposed to different ideas in gardening, the better you’ll get.

Whatever your experience level, Harvest Club helps you take everything you know about growing vegetables and herbs to a whole new level. It’s about helping you make progress. Because Harvest Club is the perfect blend of the latest ideas and insights combined with simple, practical implementation.

And every year, you’ve got new garden problems! Because you’re growing and stretching into new territory. That’s why Harvest Club is designed to help you get results easier and a heck of a lot faster as you continue to grow and learn. 

Live a life of health & vitality!

12 months from now, you’re going to be shocked by what you’ve accomplished. Not only are you going to grow a LOT of food but you are going to feel truly NOURISHED from the inside out.

Let’s help you understand where you are in the big picture of gardening and how to implement the ONE next step each week to improve your harvests. Imagine how life will feel when gardening is a part of your weekly routine and you know exactly what you need to do next.

What else will be possible when you have your garden mastered and you and your loved ones have a belly full of fresh food?

It’s more fun growing together!

Gardening by yourself kinda stinks sometimes. It’s lonely and confusing and that’s why my students have made so much progress over the years working with me and the Harvest Club community. Not only did my students have access to the latest garden research, but they were also connected to gardeners around the world for motivation, inspiration and connection…

Imagine in those moments when you need someone, knowing that you have a loving community to turn to, a tribe of people who understood you and show up when you need them most.

Because being part of this community… it’s like pouring compost tea! 😜

Harvest Club adds so much LIFE into your garden lifestyle… loads of ancient wisdom passes from generation to generation mixed with the latest research of how successful gardens grow.

And yes, we have community members from siz continents… from the deserts, from the mountains, from coastal towns, from hot to cold… so there is always someone who understands your challenges.

What members are saying…

What to expect each month in Harvest Club…


Each week, you’ll receive new resources, templates, videos, that will help you take your next steps forward in your garden. The key to accomplishing BIG goals is doing a little bit each week. Let’s stay on track together to have your most successful harvest yet this year so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle surrounded by fresh, homegrown food.

Imagine the benefits of each resource you receive:

* Garden smarter, not harder – Every vegetable and herb has its own little tricks to growing it successfully… discover how to get your best harvest for a specific vegetable or herb each month in our Vegetable Spotlight

* Beat the Bugs! – Resources that help you understand life cycles of pests, diseases and weeds so you can get rid of the ones you don’t want… even the trickiest little buggers.

* Expert Support – Get all your questions answered so you can move forward quickly and confidently. Our team is on call when you need support.

* Community Support – Discover what works from other members around the world in our private online form in our portal and also in our private online Facebook group. 

* Several times a year, you can expect contests that help you have more fun in your garden… because more fun typically leads to more harvest too!

Resources designed for YOU!

Your feedback is critical… help shape this community. Resources are developed specifically in response to member needs. Your feedback ensures that you get exactly what you need out of Harvest Club so you can enjoy even more successful harvests.

Imagine the value Harvest Club brings to your life…

How long have you been trying to figure out all this gardening stuff on your own?

Here’s the math I want you to think about…

This club will pay for itself if you can grow $20 of harvest per month.If I can’t help you do that, then I’m definitely not doing my job!

But I am VERY confident that not only will be able to do THAT, but much more.

Even if you had a small indoor garden growing pea shoots and sunflower shoots on your counter top, you could easily harvest $3 worth of shoots every day… that’s $21 worth of fresh food each WEEK.

Your garden doesn’t have to be large or outdoor or complicated for you to enjoy the health benefits of fresh, homegrown food on your plate each meal.

This club is specifically designed to help you master the garden skills YOU need to live the GREEN lifestyle you desire.

Questions: Contact Support@GrowYourOwnVegetables.org