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Learn How to Grow Garlic from
Seed to Harvest

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Inside it you’ll find some of our best tips for gardeners like you. Tips like…

  • The best time of year to plant garlic and how much to plant.
  • Why garlic is the perfect crop to grow if you live in a colder region.
  • The most flavorful garlic varieties to plant to get unique flavors like dijon or spicy pepper.
  • How much sunlight your garlic plants need to grow.
  • The difference between hardneck and “softneck” garlic (this is important!).
  • How to tell when you can harvest your garlic plants.
  • Where to buy garlic from and our favorite cookbook for garlic recipes.

It’s incredible how easy growing garlic can be if it is integrated into your lifestyle without a lot of work… Especially after you see exactly what to do step-by-step! And that’s why this guide exists… to help you create a produce aisle right at home full of fresh food you can harvest any time!

It’s our mission to help support new growers all over the globe create successful vegetable and herb gardens for a happier, healthier you and a greener planet. It’s our passion to remove any obstacles standing in your way so you have the opportunity to harvest organic, nutrient dense food for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Whether you’re just getting started planting your first seeds, in the process of honing your garden skills, or ready to start doubling your vegetable and herb harvests, Grow Your Own Vegetables can help!

Stacey Murphy

Stacey Murphy

Master Gardener Trainer


I was an engineer and an architect with a busy job and a long commute. It frustrated me that I could manage complex projects at work, but a vegetable & herb garden seemed impossible to fit into everyday life. In 2009, I was taught techniques for growing tons of organic vegetables and herbs in a small space with not a lot of effort. Since then, I have been obsessed with helping people create good garden habits that fit into their busy schedule and most importantly fit their personality.

“I have been growing vegetables for 40+ years, and have recently attained Master Gardener status with Oklahoma State University, but I have never used cover crops over the winter. This is the year I will start! Love your videos…your presentations explain the “why” behind the “do this.”
Kathy C.

“The love you are passing on to give us enough information which allows every gardener to make a choice of how they want to take on their gardening adventure, from beginner to more experienced gardeners. There is a gem for each to culture the love of a garden to improve the Earth.”
Myriam B.

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