Watch This Video to Discover 3 Strategies for an Abundant Vegetable and Herb Garden

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Success stories from students just like you all around the world…

Your class was transformational! I am growing so much more vegetables and have a plan of action.” – Laura

How big of a difference just one of your ideas has made! I implemented your harvest log idea and it is helping us figure out when the different fruits and vegetables are all ripe throughout the year. We use this information to even out our production as we rotate crops throughout the year.” – David (U.S.)

“Your course format has been outstanding. The visual aids really helped me understand and use the information.” – Judy

“I really got a lot out of the garden calendar & tasks. This has really helped me feel it is OK to walk away from the garden after 30 minutes work for the day. I don’t feel so overwhelmed. And I’m amazed at how quickly my compost now decomposes according to this calendar.” – Sue

“Hi Stacey, I have an awesome garden thanks to you. I harvested 6 pounds of peas last week and 5 pounds of string beans last night. I feel GREAT thanks to you. So please know your work is having great benefit to us beginners. Peace and carrots.” – Carol (U.S.)

Although I’ve been gardening all my life, I’m learning tips and tricks I hadn’t considered before… Thanks!” – Rianna

Stacey speaks to issues and details most videos gloss over or omit. Furthermore, she has the ability to make complex topics easily understood and quickly implemented—a true gift. Her course is invaluable. I find myself reviewing those class videos as the gardening season progresses. Thank you Stacey for making gardening and fresh organic food available to young and old—on both large and small plots of ground. Anyone can do this!” – Charlotte (North Carolina, U.S.)

“I didn’t know there were garden systems, I could barely tell the difference between potting soil, compost and mulch! I didn’t know anything about setting up an irrigation system, I thought those were for fancy lawns. So here I am, with raised garden boxes, planted with some great stuff, and I’ve installed a drip irrigation system.” – Patti (Illinois, U.S.)

“Thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly, especially the one about how much of each crop to grow. Truly your course is the best ever and will recommend it to everyone who is learning to garden. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Ann (Oregon, U.S.)

The LIVE Q&A session helped me fully understand the course material. With this format, I think it’s the only way to be sure of things sometimes. Your positive attitude and encouragement during these calls were really appreciate too! The biggest impact for me is having a better sense of confidence that I can grow organic produce successfully, and also the knowledge that I have a safety net if I have questions or problems in the future as an alumni who still has access to question/answer sessions. At this point, I feel it was definitely money well spent.” – Michele (North Carolina, U.S.)

About the Instructor

Stacey Murphy helps gardeners grow literally TONS of food in small spaces so they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables and a life of health and vitality. She walks eager growers through a holistic plan for the season, showing what to grow, when and where. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979, and her superpower is packing, literally, tons of food into tight spaces.

Tens of thousands of her students from six different continents have created successful vegetable and herb gardens. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the earth.

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