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The Garden Freedom Micro Course provides resources for setting clear goals that reflect your values and make gardening everything you need and want it to be!

When You Enroll TODAY in the Garden Freedom Micro Course,
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It is PACKED with useful information but does not take a ton of time to go through.
Go at your own pace—binge watch the whole thing or go step-by-step and take as much time as you want to digest each lesson.

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Lesson 1: Fun is Better Than Perfect

The very first step to do before ANYTHING else for the garden season is to set clear garden goals. Discover some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the course resources so that you can discover hidden wants and needs and locate exactly what you need to do each season to get your garden off to the right start!

Lesson 2: Five Keys to a Successful Garden Space

The most common thing to occur for new growers is not planning their growing season or calculating their plants correctly and wasting a ton of garden real estate! Discover how to double your harvest in half the space.

Lesson 3: Save Money! Grow Your Own Food

You can grow tons of food for pennies on the dollar. Learn how to grow clean, organic, nutrient-dense food for almost nothing.

Lesson 4: Vegetable & Herb Gardening in Just Minutes Each Week

Whenever you start something new, it tends to take longer than when you are an expert with years of experience. Learn from someone who knows the tricks so that you can start saving time NOW!

Bonus Videos!

10 Common Mistakes Beginners Make: Learn the 10 most common mistakes beginners make so that you can avoid them and not waste all that time, money, and effort to learn the lessons the long way. Bypass common mistakes and get more for your garden investment.

Unusual Edibles: Stealth Food for Front Yard Growing: Do you live in a neighborhood? Maybe your neighbors like the front yards orderly or maybe you have a strict HOA. Don’t worry! There are tons of edible foods that you can grow that are beautiful and look like ornamentals. Check out the three types of edible stealth food that doubles as an ornamental.

Successful Seed Starting and Transplants: There are a lot of benefits to growing your own seedlings / transplants for your garden. You can save money, have variety choices you would not otherwise have, can grow foods outside the normal times the transplants are offered by nurseries, and know exactly how your food is grown. If this sounds like what you want, check out this video where you learn how to grow seedlings and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Get a Great Start! Choosing Your Crops: Choosing crops sounds easy: you just pick what you want to eat and then grow it, right? There is a lot more to it than that. In this video, you learn how to meet Mother Nature halfway so that you can grow what you love to eat successfully.

Mountain of Wild Mustards! (Cultivating Edible Weeds & Foraging): Step back for a moment from your busy life and garden studies to appreciate the magnitude of nature’s abundance.

Growing Sprouts Indoors: Sprouts are not hard to grow, but there are safety precautions you need to take. Learn how to safely grow your own fresh sprouts.

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Meet Your Instructor

Master Garden Instructor Stacey Murphy helps gardeners grow lots of food in small spaces so that they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables while creating a more sustainable future. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979. Her superpower is packing—literally—tons of food into tight spaces.

Dozens of her students have gone on to start their own homesteads, gardens, and farms. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the Earth.

Stacey Murphy

What students are saying…

“I’m excited already! With your help, I have found that my top 3 goals are Harvest, Health & Wellness, and Connection to Nature. I not only want to grow healthy food to eat. I want to grow flowers, too. I would like to have a beautiful space for me and for others. Looking forward to more of your great teaching!!!”
– Lisa M.

“I have been gardening for years, but I have learned many new skills. One is that I have been harvesting “greens” wrong and wasting a lot of greens. I also never knew how to prune tomatoes and cucumbers. I am on an information overload!”
– Linda C.

“The love you are passing on and how you give us enough information that allows every gardener to make a choice of how they want to take on their gardening adventure—from beginner to more experienced gardeners—is amazing. It is a gem for each to culture to learn the love of a garden to improve the Earth.”
– Myriam B.

The Garden Freedom Micro Course is about making YOUR time in the garden efficient and FUN!

Inside this course, you learn….

🌿  How to discover your garden superpower
🌿  How to find what kind of garden works best for you
🌿  How to tap into your “why” for gardening
🌿  How to celebrate the garden goals you created
🌿  How to create a garden routine that fits into your lifestyle and makes you FEEL GREAT
🌿  How to easily keep your garden a priority 

You also learn the Garden Freedom mantra that “FUN is better than PERFECT!”

Say it with us now…

Don’t wait to start focusin on YOUR garden goals and finding the systems
that simplify YOUR garden work so that YOU can get exactly
what YOU need from YOUR garden.

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An Online Format Fits Your Busy Schedule

Access what you need, when you need it!

Four video lessons that teach you all you need to know to get started growing right at home.

Watch or download the pre-recorded lessons anywhere and anytime (with a good internet connection). You have lifetime access to these materials. All your lessons are ready for you to get started now.

The course includes videos, resources, and workbooks to help you:

✅  Find growing space you might not even know you have
✅  Get creative, even if your space isn’t “ideal”
✅  Create your garden budget
✅  Save money getting set up
✅  Save money on your grocery bill
✅  Choose the right vegetable crops for your climate
✅  Understand how sunlight and temperature affect growth
✅  Assess your local climate conditions and rainfall
✅  Discover your soil health
✅  Manage your time in the garden
✅  Keep track of your harvests

The course also includes a two month free Harvest Club Membership to receive answers to your questions and find YOUR best next step that to make the biggest impact toward reaching your garden goals. Learn with and from this positive private online community and receive support from our team of experts and students from all around the globe.

More about the TWO MONTH FREE
Membership in Harvest Club

An extra special gift just for you!

Once you start the course, you are going to have lots of questions about how YOU to best implement these garden templates for your garden. This membership helps take your garden to the next level. Consider this bonus your personal food growing hotline.

🌱  Access new techniques and templates and more garden resources
🌱  Get your questions answered by our garden experts
🌱  Receive ongoing support from fellow gardeners all around the globe

🌱  Download simple checklists to help take your next step forward

After your two month free trial, you will be invited to continue in Harvest Club at a low monthly fee. It’s more fun growing together! 

*Available to those not already a part of Harvest Club

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.
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As a special treat when you Enroll TODAY,
you also receive access to these three BONUSES

The Garden Freedom Workbook

If you want to get the most out of your garden, you need to know that having a system changes everything. That is why we created a growing system that is a roadmap for your whole season.

In the first year of using this system, many students report doubling their harvests or more! After using this system, you will discover how important having a system is and what a difference it will make in your life—both in and out of your garden.

Grow Your Own Greens eBook

The first step to a successful garden is knowing what you are going to grow. You will be shocked at how little space and time you need to grow all your salad and cooking greens.

This quick eGuide helps you decide what to grow based on how much space you have and how long you want to wait before you eat.

Specialty Topic Video Shorts

SEVEN additional videos to support you in starting your garden vision and growing indoors.

🌱  10 Common Mistakes Beginners Make
🌱  Unusual Edibles: Stealth Food for Front Yard Growing
🌱  Successful Seed Starting and Transplants
🌱  Get a Great Start! Choosing Your Crops
🌱  Mountain of Wild Mustards! (Cultivating Edible Weeds & Foraging)
🌱  Growing Sprouts Indoors
🌱  Growing Pea & Sunflower Shoots

Growing your own food improves your overall well-being
by living a happy, healthy, and green lifestyle.

What would it be worth to…

✔️ Have a plate full of delicious home-grown foods for each meal

✔️ Have more time to enjoy your garden and your harvests

✔️ Learn the tricks and tips to ensure a successful growing and harvesting

✔️ See your garden as a fun and rewarding experience instead of a chore

Start growing with confidence today—right at home!

You receive access to ALL LESSONS as soon as you purchase including your 7-Step Workbook, specialty topic resources and videos, and all three BONUSES to get you started growing today!

Get Started TODAY for only $97 $47.00 USD!

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You’re Covered by Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Yield & Food Safety Disclaimer

We are never going to tell you that growing food is easy. It requires some elbow grease, knowledge, commitment, and a smile from Mother Nature in the form of favorable growing conditions. Grow Your Own Vegetables' programs are intended to help you manage the uncertainties of nature and improve your chances for a successful harvest, but you have to do the work to get the harvests. We can support YOU by giving great content, direction, and strategies that move you forward. Any resource budget numbers referenced on this site are estimates. Your local conditions WILL vary. We share these numbers for illustrative purposes only and like to believe that everyone can learn to grow food if he/she is really committed. The truth is that your yield is related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.
- Grow Your Own Vegetables, LLC

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