Do you want a roadmap to your garden for the entire growing season?

Introducing the Crop Planning Course!

Crop Planning is powerful and easier than you think. Stop spinning your wheels using generic garden plans and try what works instead!

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll gain from this course:

🥬 A Crop Plan tailored to YOUR specific climate

🥬 Maximum use of every square inch of your garden to produce fresh, healthy food

🥬 Confidence knowing what you will plant and when (so you don’t have to think about it again)

🥬 Time to relax and enjoy your garden more because you are ready for the changing temperatures throughout the season

🥬 The tools and templates you need to create a successful, stress-free growing season year after year

🥬 Tried and true plans that expert gardeners use all around the world and the confidence to make small adaptations to them.

This online course gives you everything you need to succeed—including Done-for-You templates that you can use year after year.

Your climate is UNIQUE—let’s make a plan for that!

Crop Planning is easier than you think…

Garden SMARTER! Know exactly what to do and when to do it to simplify your garden routine, saving time and effort.

Garden ABUNDANTLY! Fill your table with fresh-picked food on the table every meal with MORE harvests! You can grow so much more than you realize—let’s kick it into high gear!

Garden EASIER! Automate your calendar each week and relax knowing that everything is mapped out.

Garden EFFICIENTLY! Discover how to predict exactly what you need to take advantage of bulk ordering, saving money.

Grow your own confidence when you discover how the RIGHT Crop Plan is re-used year after year!

Let’s create a simple plan TODAY so you know exactly what you need to do for your most abundant harvest yet.

You’d be shocked how little effort you spend in your garden once you have a weekly checklist of what to seed, transplant, and harvest each week. That’s what a great plan can do for you… avoid the garden overwhelm!

Join these successful students:

Gardeners gazing at each other

“The Crop planning [course] is SO worth the money. I have been gardening for 10 years but this just brings my production to a whole new level!”
– Kai (Michigan, U.S.)

I wanted an organized plan to plant and harvest. After spending countless hours surfing Youtube, trying to figure it all out on my own, I was feeling at a complete loss. Thank goodness for this course! It all makes good sense to me now and I feel much more confident going forward! Thank you so much!!!”
– Becky

“Taking Stacey’s course has helped me move from theory into practice. This course saved me a lot of time and energy buying books, studying them and getting into action.
– J.D. (Kentucky, U.S.)

Explore Your Course Modules!

Step 1: Measure & Subdivide

Step 2: Gather Temps & Dates

Step 3: Choose Plant Varieties

Step 4: Calculate Plants for Beds

Step 5: Plan 1st Round of Plants

Step 6: Plan 2nd, 3rd++ Rounds

Step 7: Set up Calendar w/Alerts

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As a special treat when you enroll TODAY, you’ll also get access to these extra Bonuses…

BONUS: Two Month Free Trial in Harvest Club

NOTE: Harvest Club is closed. This BONUS is how you get IN 

Enjoy two free months of Harvest Club—on us! This premier online garden membership helps you take your garden to the next level.

Get access to guides, checklists, templates, and video tutorials to achieve your fresh food goals.

Plus, connect with an online community of like-minded growers, monthly LIVE virtual Garden Jam Sessions, AND get personal garden email support so that you can get the answers you need and move through obstacles quickly. {After your two month free-trial, you will be invited to continue at a low monthly fee}.

Available to those not already in Harvest Club.

Commonly Asked Questions

Access answers to several commonly asked questions from past students.

Questions such as:
→ “Would nitrogen fixers be good to plant?”
→ “What’s the difference between intercropping and interplanting?”
→ “Do you protect baby tomato plants in spring when temps <50F?”
→ … and lots more!

BONUS: Five Delicious Recipes for Garden Greens

Here it is… new and exciting recipes for all your greens. You are going to grow so many greens because they are fast and easy! And you’re going to need new ways to enjoy those greens at every meal. This ebook 5 Delicious Recipes for Garden Greens: Exciting Plant-Based Recipes to Please Even the Pickiest Eaters has helped hundreds of growers to convince their loved ones that eating vegetables doesn’t have to be boring  

BONUS: Closed Captioning & Video Transcripts

Transcriptions of every lesson video available to you inside your course 🙂

Download, print, and make notes in the margins or simply follow along as you watch the video.

Wondering if this will work for you…

🌱 The templates are for small plot growing. 🌱
Keeping it small means the concepts can be taught in a manageable plan that you can easily visualize. 

While the template is 100 square feet of growing space, you can easily multiply this template to get a 200, 300, 500, or 1,000 square foot crop plan…or even larger. Students have adapted these templates to gardens of all shapes and sizes.

First Time

If you have never planted a single seed, this class will be a BIG stretch. If you’re a quick start and you’re eager to learn, we’re sure you can follow along with the concepts. For your first season, follow the templates. Seed, transplant, and harvest as close to the schedule as you can, and you will learn A LOT! You will be building on a very strong foundation, even if you don’t totally get it all yet.

First Season

Did we mention that this class will be a stretch? But we believe you need this tool most. A good crop plan will put you way ahead of where you would be if you just wing it for the rest of your growing season. You’ll have lots of questions, but that’s why we’re here.

New Growers
(1-2 years):

This training will take you to another level of visualizing how to pack in as many crops as you can. We’ve had students with 10 years experience who say this class helped them improve yields anywhere from 25% to 200%!


Learning to crop plan is essential to your business. Whether or not you take this course, make sure you master this skill! You can easily take these concepts and scale them up. These are the exact templates the instructor used in her backyard farming business.

We will assume all risk with our 1-year total satisfaction guarantee. Hundreds of people like you have invested in our classes. We’re confident that if you apply yourself and work with the templates, you will be thrilled. On the small chance this doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund within 1-year of your purchase. No hassles.

Get started and simplify your garden planning now

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.
Your purchase is protected by our 1 year money back guarantee.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! I’m Stacey Murphy, and I’ve been a backyard gardener since 2009. My first year growing vegetables, I planted a whole bunch of seeds and harvested a respectable amount of food. Throughout the season, however, I noticed spaces opening up here and there. I wasn’t sure exactly how to use that space, so I lost valuable time in the growing season. And I realized that losing time meant less harvest!

With the help of an experienced farmer, I created my first “crop plan” for the next year—and I nearly doubled my harvest. Over the years, I tweaked the plan to continue to save time, money, and energy. And now you can put all my experience to work for you!

You don’t have to Crop Plan alone.

This is a do-at-your-own-pace online class that shows you how to use our Done-For-You templates to pack more harvests into your garden year after year. Don’t beat yourself up because you’ve tried to garden without as much food as you’d like to show for your efforts! And certainly don’t wander aimlessly in your garden this year if you have space and aren’t sure what to plant.

Join these successful students:

I came away from the course with improved crop yields! Stacey is incredibly knowledgeable and cuts to the heart of students’ questions quickly. The videos and handouts are useful resources that I’ll continually reference.
– Neke (New York, U.S.)

“A ton of great info for the beginner gardener! I especially liked that the crop planning really got to the heart of garden planning and the management of time and space.
– Rob A.,
Verge Permaculture (Canada)

“I really got a lot out of the garden calendar & tasks. This has really helped me feel it is OK to walk away from the garden after 30 minutes work for the day. I don’t feel so overwhelmed.
– Sue (Arizona, U.S.)

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.
Your purchase is protected by our 1 year money back guarantee.

Yield Disclaimer

We are never going to tell you that growing food is easy. It requires some elbow grease, knowledge, commitment, and a smile from Mother Nature in the form of favorable growing conditions. Grow Your Own Vegetables' programs are intended to help you manage the uncertainties of nature and improve your chances for a successful harvest, but you have to do the work to get the harvests. We can support YOU by giving great content, direction, and strategies that move you forward. Any resource budget numbers referenced on this site are estimates. Your local conditions WILL vary. We share these numbers for illustrative purposes only and like to believe that everyone can learn to grow food if he/she is really committed. The truth is that your yield is related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.
- Grow Your Own Vegetables, LLC

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