Create & customize YOUR container garden to fit your space, budget, physical abilities, & lifestyle!

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Go at your own pace—binge watch the whole thing or go step-by-step and take as much time as you want to digest each lesson.

Lesson 1: Containers: Choosing & Sanitizing

Selecting the right garden container can feel daunting. Will it work for me? Is it right for my crop? Is it big enough? There are so many aspects to consider. Above everything else, the number one question you want to know is “Is it safe to grow food in?” Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Lesson 2: Growing Substrates & Nutrients

It is important to understand substrates, fertilizers, and nutrients. Learn about container gardening systems and how they differ from soil gardens. Also, learn about different substrates used and which to avoid and tips on providing fertility to your container garden plants all season long, as well as liquid nutrients that you might want to have on hand for your container garden journey.

Lesson 3: Choosing Plant Varieties

Learn how to take the vegetables that you bought at the store or farmers market and regrow them on your kitchen counter for another harvest. Also, learn how to choose plant varieties that will grow well indoors as well as how to find a watering strategy that works for you PLUS the most economical way to use six feet of linear space.

Lesson 4: Watering & Drainage

Watering plants in containers is especially important. Learn how to ensure plant roots do not dry out and how to have the proper drainage to order to prevent diseases and keep plants at their optimum health.

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Meet Your Instructors

Master Garden Instructor Stacey Murphy helps gardeners grow lots of food in small spaces so that they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables while creating a more sustainable future. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979. Her superpower is packing—literally—tons of food into tight spaces.

Dozens of her students have gone on to start their own homesteads, gardens, and farms. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the Earth.

Garden Instructor Crystal Meserole owns and operates a one-woman wholesale commercial living microgreen operation in the mountains of western North Carolina. After working and managing local restaurants for over a decade, she saw the need for chefs to have access to more affordable, organic food for the delicious creations that they craft for our communities.

Crystal hopes to stand as a clear message to anyone who thinks that they cannot grow. You can. Anyone can. With the right system, mindsets, and mentor, everything becomes possible.

“After several years of gardening fails, I began to think that maybe being a grower just wasn’t right for me. Then I found Grow Your Own Vegetables, and my failures transformed into a successful small farm operation within months. So when the opportunity arrived to work for Grow Your Own Vegetables and train to help others transform their failures into opportunities for success and abundance, it was an emphatic YES! There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others reach their fresh food and wellness goals.”

What students are saying…

Your course format has been outstanding. The visual aids really helped me understand and use the information.”

– Judy

“I have only gotten part way through the first section—choosing and sterilizing containers, but I AM SO IMPRESSED with the wealth and diversity of information AND the evidence presented to support advice.”

– Julie

“Although I’ve been gardening all my life, I’m learning tips and tricks I hadn’t considered before. Thanks!”

– Rianna

Inside this course, you learn…

✔️  How to garden anywhere—no matter how much space you have
✔️  How to increase your growing space outdoors
✔️  How to grow indoors
✔️  How to start your own seeds
✔️  How to extend the growing season 
✔️  How to optimize sunlight by moving containers

And so much more!

This course is all about making gardening attainable for everyone, even with the smallest space.

Container growing helps you to see opportunities instead of limitations.

Customize your container garden to fit YOUR needs!

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5 Keys to Container Growing Success:

Container🔑 Containers: Give your plants a home they’ll love!

Whether you purchase them or repurpose common objects to make your own, containers come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials! And all of these factors impact your plants growing inside them. Learn how to select containers that suit your favorite plants, your style, and your budget.

Growing Medium🔑 Growing Medium: Get the dirt on potting mix.

Decipher packaging and labels, so you can pick a potting mix that gives your plants optimum nutrition and drainage. You’ll also get a printable worksheet to take when you go shopping!

Plant Lighting🔑 Light: Let it shine, get it right.

Adequate light is crucial for all container gardens! If you’re growing indoors or partially indoors, choosing the right grow lamps can be tricky. LED? Fluorescent? Broad spectrum? Your Container Garden Micro Course will shed some light on the subject.

Variety Planting🔑 Varieties: Compact plants, big harvests!

Indoors or outdoors, compact varieties of your favorite crops give you big yields without taking up big space. In the course, we share our go-to varieties for container growing. You’ll also learn about the best crops to grow indoors (and a few to avoid).

Plant nutrients🔑 Fertilization: Add nutrients naturally.

Because plants in containers aren’t connected to the earth, you want to make sure you’re feeding them all the nutrition they need. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck using chemical fertilizers! We’ll show you what to look for, so your plants can thrive naturally.

With the Container Gardening Micro Course,
You Receive…

An Online Format That Fits Your Busy Schedule

Access what you need, when you need it!

Four video lessons that teach you all you need to know to get started growing right at home.

Watch or download the pre-recorded lessons anywhere and anytime (with a good internet connection). You have lifetime access to these materials. All your lessons are ready for you to get started now.

This course includes videos, resources, and workbooks to help you:

🪴  How to find growing space you might not even know you have
🪴  How to get creative, even if your space isn’t “ideal”
🪴  How to customize growing conditions with containers
🪴  How to not invest a lot of time and money up front
🪴  How to create a garden to work for someone with limited mobility
🪴  How to grow your own herbs to save you money on your grocery bill
🪴  How to start small and add onto your garden at your own pace
🪴  How to care for your container garden plants

The course also includes a two month free Harvest Club Membership to receive answers to your questions and find YOUR best next step that to make the biggest impact toward reaching your garden goals. Learn with and from this positive private online community and receive support from our team of experts and students from all around the globe.

More about the TWO MONTH FREE
Membership in Harvest Club

An extra special gift just for you!

Once you start the course, you are going to have lots of questions about how YOU to best implement these garden templates for your garden. This membership helps take your garden to the next level. Consider this bonus your personal food growing hotline.

🌱  Access new techniques and templates and more garden resources
🌱  Get your questions answered by our garden experts
🌱  Receive ongoing support from fellow gardeners all around the globe

🌱  Download simple checklists to help take your next step forward

After your two month free trial, you will be invited to continue in Harvest Club at a low monthly fee. It’s more fun growing together! 

*Available to those not already a part of Harvest Club

As a special treat when you Enroll TODAY,
you also receive access to these three BONUSES

How to Grow Greens in a Closet

Be inspired as you see what is possible!

Shannon opens up her closet to show what is acheivable in a small space inside your home. If you want to get the most out of your indoor garden and learn from a master gardener who is applying this information, then you will love this bonus video.

Commonly Asked Questions

Learn from answers to commonly asked questions asked by fellow gardeners. See how you can apply this same information to your garden.

Includes questions about watering, potting mixes, fertilizing, coffee grounds, and more!

Video Transcripts

Complete transcripts of every video lesson is available for you to download and print. Add your notes in the margins or simply follow along as you watch the video.

Growing your own food improves your overall well-being
by living a happy, healthy, green lifestyle.

What would it be worth to…

✔️ Have a plate full of delicious home-grown foods for each meal

✔️ Have more time to enjoy your garden and your harvests

✔️ Learn the tricks and tips to ensure a successful growing and harvesting

✔️ See your garden as a fun and rewarding experience instead of a chore

Start growing with confidence today—right at home!

You receive access to ALL LESSONS as soon as you purchase including your Container Gardening Workbook, resources, videos, and all three BONUSES to get you started growing today!


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Yield & Food Safety Disclaimer

We are never going to tell you that growing food is easy. It requires some elbow grease, knowledge, commitment, and a smile from Mother Nature in the form of favorable growing conditions. Grow Your Own Vegetables' programs are intended to help you manage the uncertainties of nature and improve your chances for a successful harvest, but you have to do the work to get the harvests. We can support YOU by giving great content, direction, and strategies that move you forward. Any resource budget numbers referenced on this site are estimates. Your local conditions WILL vary. We share these numbers for illustrative purposes only and like to believe that everyone can learn to grow food if he/she is really committed. The truth is that your yield is related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.
- Grow Your Own Vegetables, LLC

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