After a flood… yes, you can rebuild your vegetable garden

Is it Organic?

Now… if you experienced a surge of 5-10 feet of water, your garden is probably the least of your concerns right now. For those of you who experienced lighter flooding, this video may help you begin to strategize next steps. It doesn’t solve all your problems. I’d have to visit your site to give you tailored advice for how to move forward. But I couldn’t sit back and feel powerless, so I wanted to at least share a couple of thoughts, because your vegetable and herb garden is important! Share your stories below to help others. What are you doing about flooding or potential flooding?

Compost! How Much Do You Need for Your Vegetable Garden?


Can you create a closed loop and turn all the organic matter in your area into precious compost for your garden? How much do you need each year to improve soil fertility and how big does your compost bin need to be to support your garden activities. Spoiler Alert: for every 100 square feet of garden, you need 2 washing machine sized piles of organic matter to compost.