Meet Gina the “Make it Happen” Gardener

Building Projects

When you see someone who believes in the nourishment of a garden SO much that she buys a blackberry bush BEFORE she even has a yard, you just have to find out what happens next!

Meet Gina from California.  

Gina is busy! A doctor and a mother of two, she decided she was tired of her dreams of having a garden pass by year after year. She admits she thought it was going to be easy. She decided to just “wing it” and threw some seeds in the ground to see what would happen. But she ran into some challenges along the way, and was frustrated because the learning curve was steep!

Luckily, Gina started asking some really great questions in our Grow Your Own Vegetables community this year. And she found the right tools to make her feel confident in the garden. And her garden is really thriving… because she always finds a way to make it happen.

3 Tips to Maximize Harvests & Simplify Your Garden Routine

Climate & growing conditions

If you feel like your garden is a little out of control sometimes… Like you’re running around mid-season, winging it, not sure what to plant next and chasing pests and diseases… You are not alone. You know what helps? A good plan!

Check out this video! You’ll discover how to stay on track with a good plan. Know exactly what you’re going to plant, where, and when so that you can relax and enjoy the growing season. And the best part… NOW’s the time to create a garden plan for the whole year (no matter when your growing season begins).

You’ll hear about a special opportunity in the video. I mention registration for class at the end of this video… here’s that link! — 

Vegetable Garden Planting Schedule: What does “days to maturity” mean?


Three little words on seeds packets cause so many questions!

“Days to maturity” is an important concept when you’re planning your vegetable garden. You want to know when things will first be ready to harvest, as well as when that space will be free to grow something else. Here’s what days to maturity means for roots, greens and fruits.

3 Tips to maximize harvest & simplify your garden routine

Garden Hacks - Simplify routines

I have a trick that helps me get the most out of my garden… more harvest, less work. Most planting schedules are too simple to get the best results. I guarantee if you create a roadmap for the whole season (a crop plan), you will increase your harvest and reduce your efforts. Here’s 3 tips for how to focus your garden efforts. I mention registration for class at the end of this video… here’s that link! —…

Maximize Your Garden Pleasure – Harvest Every Last Pepper


Sometimes I talk about planning your crops so you maximize your harvest. Sometimes I talk about how to use garden statistics to double your yield. There’s another angle to this conversation… And it’s all about trust. Trusting that more food will grow if you make space for it… that’s nature reminding us what true abundance means.

Cover Crop Trick

Garden Hacks - Simplify routines

If you’re trying to maximize your harvest, it won’t be long until you become obsessed with improving your soil fertility. And if you have a small garden space and/or a short growing season… you may find yourself wondering if you should plant more fall crops or cover crop your garden for spring. Here’s my best trick for doing BOTH. Because fall crops taste the sweetest on those cool mornings AND your soil biology is crying out to be fed each year, too.