Looking for a last minute gifts? Here’s an unusual idea…

Garden Recipes

In my experience fresh food really CAN be contagious… but jumping up and down waving fresh kale in people’s faces doesn’t really help people feel the joy of fresh food for themselves. That joy usually starts when someone experiences fresh-off-the-vine crisp flavors… and then the curiosity builds and they eat more… until eventually, they are hooked! And if they grow the food themselves, it usually speeds up the process. 😉

That’s what happened with me… I wasn’t always a garden fanatic.  It all started when my health took a mysterious downturn.

Watch this video to find out why and to discover a gift that could change the lives of your loved ones forever.

Long-term health and vitality is the best gift to give all the young people in your life.

So here’s a special last minute gift idea:

Give the gift of green this holiday season!

Enroll someone special in the online How to Grow $400 Worth of Vegetables & Herbs in 40 Days class right now. You’ll not only get 50% OFF, you’ll get to join the class, too… free of charge!

Class is just $97 now (for the both of you).

You’ll have so much fun growing together! 🙂

This class walks you through 40 days of growing step-by-step. And because it’s indoor AND outdoor growing, it works in dorm rooms too!

This class empowers your loved ones with life lessons that contribute to their long-term health and happiness. What’s a better gift that THAT!?!

And… it’s all online, which many young people love!

Growing the most nutrient-rich vegetables on the planet


Two essential garden factors produce nutrient-rich vegetables & herbs that nourish us and prevent chronic diseases. That’s what the Homegrown Revolution is all about!

Find out what they are and how to get it in your garden. In the video, you’ll also hear about the Food Revolution Summit.

Join me here: https://www.foodrevolutionsummit.org/?orid=125256&opid=287

Grow Your Own Greens: 5 Ways to put nutrient-rich food on your plate… FAST!

Garden Planning

Micro-gardens are fast and easy and you can grow a whole lot of greens!

Discover 5 ways to grow nutrient-dense greens in a micro-garden… even if it’s winter or you don’t have any outdoor garden space.

And remember to grab your guide that goes along with this video: https://growyourownvegetables.org/5gr…

Vegetable Garden Planting Schedule: What’s ready to harvest in 3 weeks?

Garden Hacks - Simplify routines

I have a small growing space, so I’m always thinking about harvest speed. I want to know how quickly the first round of vegetables will be ready for harvest and make sure I have a continual supply of food for rest of the season. Here’s what I seeded indoors, transplanted and direct seeded outdoors 3 weeks ago and what it all looks like now.

Something I forgot to mention in the video is that those little baby lettuce seeds that were direct seeded outdoors… they are growing unusually slow because of low temperatures and only 4 hours of sunlight. Did you know that lettuce seeds will germinate in just 2-3 days at 75 F, but 7-10 days at 50 F (on average). That’s a big difference, right?! So you could speed up the process by covering your vegetable garden with plastic. Plastic could warm up the soil a good 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Doesn’t have to be fancy, you could re-cycle a clear plastic jar or tub you have lying around.

Why grow your own food? – New Homegrown Revolution


I’m kicking off 2018 with a video about WHY I do what I do here on this channel. Millions of people around the world already think that cultivating a vegetable garden is one of the most nourishing activities on the planet. Here’s why homegrown food is on people’s wish list and how joining a movement can make gardening a whole lot simpler rather than doing it all on your own. How long have you been a part of the Homegrown Revolution?