You’re invited! Garden Hack Summit airs July 25-28

Climate & growing conditions

The 2nd annual Garden Hack Summit is here!
Airing July 25-28.

Discover tips and tricks from 13 visionary gardeners to help you put more homegrown harvests on your plate with less effort.

When we air LIVE, you’ll have a chance to get your questions answered, too.

Register here for all the details:

Join us for the fun. Did I mention we have garden prize giveaways from our sponsors over at the Grow Network, Seeds for Generations, and of course Grow Your Own Vegetables? Because we do!

Growing the most nutrient-rich vegetables on the planet


Two essential garden factors produce nutrient-rich vegetables & herbs that nourish us and prevent chronic diseases. That’s what the Homegrown Revolution is all about!

Find out what they are and how to get it in your garden. In the video, you’ll also hear about the Food Revolution Summit.

Join me here:

Aeroplus 6000 – 3 Stage Compost Bin Review


If you love aerobic compost (and what gardener doesn’t?!), then you’re probably wondering what type of bin is right for you. Marjory Wildcraft sent me an awesome gift and I thought I would do a quick review of my first month with the Aeroplus compared to my simple palllet bin. Share your questions below and I may do a part 2 video.

What to do if you have no “Browns” for your Aerobic Compost? (Composting in the City)


Adding “Browns” (organic, dry and carbon rich materials) speeds up compost of food scraps in an aerobic bin. What’s my favorite Brown if I don’t have leaves? Plus, REGISTER for the Homegrown Food Summit here: Homegrown Food Summit starts June 12th, 2017! 40 Speakers sharing best secrets for growing your own food and medicine.