How to protect your garden during a wildfire

With thousands forced to evacuate and many more thousands dealing with poor air quality and other consequences caused by the wildfires, our thoughts are with you.

And for those of you living and gardening in fire zones, we’ve created this blog post just for you.

Discover how to protect your garden, protect your communities, and how to use wildfire events to strengthen your garden ecosystem.

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Black Lives Matter: message from Grow Your Own Vegetables

Like so many others, we are devastated and heartbroken by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones. 2020 has challenged us on so many levels. The silver lining of these...

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Getting Started Growing Your Own Vegetable and Herb Seedlings

Seedlings are the baby plants you see at the nurseries, ready to be transplanted into your garden. But you might want to grow your own instead. While there are many benefits of starting your own vegetable and herb plants from seeds, there is one BIG reason why you...

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Become a Closet Gardener and Grow Greens Indoor Year Round

and Growing greens year round means you don't have to rely on the grocery store for your fresh, organic food... which is great if you keep having recalls on greens in your local area! That's why Shannon started this beautiful indoor closet garden. Plus some hidden...

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Holiday Garden WishList – Top Ten Garden Tools for 2020

Finding the right holiday gift for a gardener isn’t easy. Gifts that often appear helpful aren’t. And sometimes the ones that seem mundane can be fantastic. It can take years for growers to find gadgets and supplies they love. So how can friends and family find the...

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First Step for a Superfood Garden that thrives

Tackling garden projects is always easier when you’re inheriting best practices and lessons learned from people with experience. ​​​And I would love that for you. Superfood gardening… without all the hard work. Because let’s face it… we are better together. And this...

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