Demystify crop planning
quickly and easily with the
Beginner Crop Planning Micro Course

Course Benefits

Maximize Your Yields

Stay on Track Year Round

Create a Personalized Garden Plan

Why create your own crop plan?

✅  You see the whole picture from the beginning of your season to the end
✅  You stay on track throughout your garden season
✅  You maximize your yields

Crop planning is an art that uses the rules of growing food to create. In order to create the most ideal crop plan for your local conditions and personal preferences, you need to learn and improve as you go as well as gain more experience each year.

Course Materials

Course Workbook

Video Lessons & Resources 

Editable Templates for Your Space

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Meet Your Instructor

Garden Instructor Crystal Meserole owns and operates a one-woman wholesale commercial living microgreen operation in the mountains of western North Carolina. After working and managing local restaurants for over a decade, she saw the need for chefs to have access to more affordable, organic food for the delicious creations that they craft for our communities.

Crystal hopes to stand as a clear message to anyone who thinks that they cannot grow. You can. Anyone can. With the right system, mindsets, and mentor, everything becomes possible.

“After several years of gardening fails, I began to think that maybe being a grower just wasn’t right for me. Then I found Grow Your Own Vegetables, and my failures transformed into a successful small farm operation within months. So when the opportunity arrived to work for Grow Your Own Vegetables and train to help others transform their failures into opportunities for success and abundance, it was an emphatic YES! There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others reach their fresh food and wellness goals.”

– Crystal Meserole, Course Instructor

Wondering if this course is right for you?

You will benefit from this course if you…

🥕  Have a small garden
🥕  Garden in containers
🥕  Are new to crop planning
🥕  Are new to gardening
🥕  Have a crop plan that is too complex
🥕  Know you can get more out of your garden

Having a good plan in place saves you time, money, and frustration. The Beginner Crop Planning Micro Course is designed to help you get the most benefit by starting where you are right here, right now.

This is an online course that you can watch anywhere and anytime!
The course is PACKED with useful information but does not take you a ton of time to complete.

You have Lifetime Access to the materials so that you can revisit the lessons as you need.

Want a sneak peek into the course?
Watch the video below! 

Lesson 1:
Choose Your

Lesson 3:
Map Your

Lesson 2:
Know Your Temperatures

Lesson 4:
Chart Your

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.
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With the Beginner Crop Planning Micro Course,
Receive an Online Format That Fits Your Busy Schedule

Learn at your own pace.
Access what you need, when you need it!

Four video lessons that teach you to create an usable and personalized crop plan so that you can maximize your yields and get the most from your growing season.

Watch or download the pre-recorded lessons anywhere and anytime (with a good internet connection). You have lifetime access to these materials. All your lessons are ready for you to get started now.

In the lessons, you learn…

0️⃣ Lesson 0: Introduction
Learn what a crop plan is, why create your own, and the benefits of the course.

1️⃣ Lesson 1: Choose Your Crops
Choose the main staple crops along with the smaller crops that you want to grow.

2️⃣ Lesson 2: Know Your Climate
Map your local temperatures and chart what months are best to grow your chosen crops.

3️⃣ Lesson 3: Map Your Garden
Map your garden, create a master template, and create a map of your garden crops for each season.

4️⃣ Lesson 4: Chart Your Season
Create your first personalized crop plan and chart your whole season out.

Open 3D Image Crop Plan Workbook

Also included in with the
Beginner Crop Planning Micro Course

Harvest Club

An extra special gift just for you!

Once you start the course, you are going to have lots of questions about how YOU to best implement these garden templates for your garden. This membership helps take your garden to the next level. Consider this bonus your personal food growing hotline.

🌱  Access new techniques and templates and more garden resources
🌱  Get your questions answered by our garden experts
🌱  Receive ongoing support from fellow gardeners all around the globe

🌱  Download simple checklists to help take your next step forward

After your two month free trial, you will be invited to continue in Harvest Club at a low monthly fee. It’s more fun growing together! 

*Available to those not already a part of Harvest Club

Closed Captioning & Video Transcripts

Closed captioning on all lesson videos.

Transcripts of every video lesson to download and print to make notes in the margins or simply follow along as you watch.

Demystify crop planning quickly and easily with the Beginner Crop Planning Micro Course

When Course Instructor Crystal Meserole first attempted to maximize her space and yield and create a complex crop plan, she actually wasted more space trying to do too much and lost a lot of harvest. She has used her knowledge and life experiences to create a course to help you maximize your harvest.

Once you complete the course, you will have the confidence to create a simple crop plan to guide you all season long so that your garden season goes smoothly and your garden space is maximized to bring you abundance.

 Create a crop plan that works FOR YOU,
not the other way around.

You receive access to ALL LESSONS as soon as you purchase including your Workbook and other resources to get started right away on planning your garden.

Grab the course now for just $97.00!

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.
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You’re Covered by Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We assume all risk with our 100% 30-Day Love-It-or-Return-It satisfaction guarantee. Hundreds of people like you have invested in our training programs over the years. We are confident that if you apply yourself and work the program, you will be thrilled. You have a full 30 days to access the course, apply the material, and discover if it works for you and your garden. If it is not for you, you can get a full refund within 30-days of your purchase. No hassles.

Yield & Food Safety Disclaimer

We are never going to tell you that growing food is easy. It requires some elbow grease, knowledge, commitment, and a smile from Mother Nature in the form of favorable growing conditions. Grow Your Own Vegetables' programs are intended to help you manage the uncertainties of nature and improve your chances for a successful harvest, but you have to do the work to get the harvests. We can support YOU by giving great content, direction, and strategies that move you forward. Any resource budget numbers referenced on this site are estimates. Your local conditions WILL vary. We share these numbers for illustrative purposes only and like to believe that everyone can learn to grow food if he/she is really committed. The truth is that your yield is related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.
- Grow Your Own Vegetables, LLC

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