More Harvest, Less Work – Harvest Club Registration for Founding Members is OPEN!

Garden Hacks - Simplify routines

You may have heard the rumors about the NEW beta-membership program, called Harvest Club, that’s brewing over here at Grow Your Own Vegetables.

Whether you’re still trying to get started planting your garden or your garden is well underway, Harvest Club is the place for you to really move forward powerfully with weekly guidance.

We are dedicated to helping you grow more homegrown vegetables and herbs with less effort. 

The first three months are a beta-phase and it’s all about connecting with a community of awesome gardeners and getting inspired so you can finally get your garden done. Today’s the day! Join me as a founding member of the new Harvest Club.

Founding Memberships are only available until midnight July 2. Register for monthly plan here: https://growyourownvegetables.org/harvest-club-monthly/ Or BEST deal… register for yearly plan here: https://growyourownvegetables.org/harvest-club-yearly/

One tip to increase your yields… no matter where you garden

Garden Hacks - Simplify routines

Have you ever had something in the garden NOT go according to your plan? Sometimes it’s hard to shake it off and feel good again when the garden is a bit overgrown and everything feels like chaos. 

Here’s the good news: There’s something you can do to get CLOSER to your garden plans… to improve your results.

And anyone can do this. This is what makes my garden more FUN, too. 

Discover one thing that can totally change your garden overwhelm.

P.S. It’s coming… details about Harvest Club! Make sure you are signed up to my email list to hear all about it next week: https://growyourownvegetables.org

What’s eating my garden greens? (5 most common pests)


You’re planting lots of food in your garden, specifically greens… and all of a sudden there’s someone else eating all your food before you have a chance to harvest it… ARG!

Everyone has some pests that show up in the garden. The first step is identifying which pests will be an issue for your local conditions. Here’s 5 (actually 6) of the most common culprits and how to tell which one you have.

10 Principles – Successful Fresh Food Preservation System

Food Preservation

Here it is! The simple system for preserving the garden harvest. Creative meals, delicious recipes and easy techniques to ensure you have healthy food right in your pantry, year round… even when you don’t feel like cooking. These 10 principles will get you started right! And you can shortcut the whole process and simply copy my Harvest Into Meals system when you register for my Preserve the Harvest class… Register here: https://growyourownvegetables.org/preserve/

Container or Raised Bed Garden: What’s the difference?

Building Projects

Gardening is a language just like Spanish or Russian, and the tricky thing about learning a new language? There are rules, which are easy to remember… And then there are exceptions.

Two words that can be very tricky in gardening are “containers” and “raised beds”. And it’s important to know the difference, because they WAY you garden in each can be completely different.

Looking for awesome containers? Bootstrap Farmer makes sustainable bags made of food safe recycled plastic and felt. Check out the 200 gal bags.
 Need something smaller? They’ve got grow bags in 4, 5, 7, 10, 25 gallon sizes too.