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Here’s Exactly What’s Inside
Each Gardening Episode:

Joyful Gardener Docuseries:

Episode 1: Airs Feb 20
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Making the Most of Your Local Climate

• Uncover what makes your site unique so you can partner WITH nature for easier yields

• Use 3 key temperatures to plan your entire season

• Save precious time and energy getting started right

• Discover how to create microclimates to extend your growing season

Episode 2: Airs Feb 21
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Healthy Plants Start with Healthy SOIL!

• Transform your “dirt” into nutrient-rich SOIL 

• Demystify what makes soil healthy

• Three basic techniques to ensure long term fertility

• Choose a garden style that’s right for you

Episode 3: Airs Feb 22
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Making Compost & Compost Teas

• Choosing a compost system that suits your lifestyle

• Discover how to fix wet, dry and smelly compost piles as well as speed up the composting process

• Brewing compost teas and applying biochar as your first line of defense against pests and diseases

Episode 4: Airs Feb 23
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Small Plot Growing & Packing In Plants

• Seeding and transplanting densely, use every last inch of your growing space efficiently

• Why companion planting, crop rotations and succession planting are so complicated and what to do instead

• • Simplifying the seed starting process for success every time

Episode 5: Airs Feb 24
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Fitting Gardening into Your Lifestyle

• Simple ways to master garden efficiency and eliminate unnecessary work for MORE GARDEN JOY.

• Discover how to move your body safely for rapid vegetable cultivation and harvest.

• Walk step-by-step through a garden system that can cut your garden time in half… if you want (it IS fun after all!)

Episode 6: Airs Feb 25
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Simplifying Irrigation Systems

• 3 Simple water systems: choose the one that works for your lifestyle

• Irrigation system essentials for automatic watering

• #1 Gadget to finally know if your soil is too wet or too dry.

Episode 7: Airs Feb 26
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Harvesting & Pruning to Improve Yields

• Discover simple pruning tips to promote plant growth and increase your harvest

• Know when your harvest is perfectly ripe so you don’t waste food

• Picking for peak flavor… what no one tells you about harvesting.

Episode 8: Airs Feb 27
10am PT / 1pm ET 

Pests, Diseases & Weeds: Show them who’s the boss!

• The #1 investment you can make to avoid pests, diseases and weeds

• How to show pests, diseases and weeds they are no longer welcome

• The best strategy to weed just ONCE each growing season

• Which weeds are really a threat in your garden? Only a couple…

About Your Host

Stacey Murphy helps gardeners grow lots of food in small spaces so they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables while creating a more sustainable future. She walks eager growers through a holistic plan for the season, showing what to grow, when and where. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979, and her superpower is packing, literally, tons of food into tight spaces.

Dozens of her students who have trained at her backyard urban farm in Brooklyn have gone on to start their own homesteads, gardens & farms. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the earth.

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