Take the 40 Day Challenge: Follow step-by-step to grow organic vegetables & herbs for your dinner table within weeks

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Doesn't matter what time of year it is, this class prepares you to start your 40-Day Challenge when the time is right.

This class is for You if...

  • You want a practical step-by-step plan to follow for your first successful vegetable garden. Class includes instructions for building your first garden beds outdoors and setting up indoor growing too.
  • You want to break down the garden information overload into easily digestible pieces. Each video lesson shows you how to complete your next step building beds, planting, harvesting, etc.
  • Get fresh greens & root vegetables on your table within 40 days of planting (Maybe as soon as 10 days with some shoots!).
  • You need a supportive community to keep you engaged and remind you what to do next. We'll help keep you on track!
  • You want to brag about your garden success and share with others how you did it. 
  • You're ready to invest in the right supplies and equipment to get started. We'll show you exactly what you need! 
  • You're willing to make some mistakes along the way and learn from them, even share those mistakes with the rest of the community. Nobody has ever done anything in this world perfectly... especially not the first time 😉 
  • You understand that in 40 days we're going to focus on root vegetables and greens: radish, turnip, carrots, beets, chard, celery, kale, collards, arugula, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, herbs, pea shoots, sunflower shoots
  • A 40-Day Garden Challenge sounds fun to you!

This class is may Not be for you if...

    • You have had lots of garden success already growing roots and greens and you get predictable results exactly how you expect.
    • Your temperatures are consistently above 85 degrees.  High temperatures make this challenge extra challenging... but it can be done! You might need to invest in some extra sun shading supplies. We'll show you how. The vegetables we grow in this class are mostly cooler weather plants.
    • You're not willing to put in some elbow grease to set up your garden correctly (keep in mind you could find someone to put in the elbow grease). To get the success you want in your garden, you have to actually go out and do this! Luckily, our step-by-step instructions will break up your activities into manageable tasks.

There are lots of different ways to garden: this class will show you ONE WAY to SUCCEED in growing tons of food.

What Students Are Saying about Stacey’s Classes…

NOTE: These testimonials are from the Grow Your Own Vegetables course that Stacey teaches


“I grew hundreds of pounds of produce. Your class has been extremely helpful to me, an amazing value for the money. I honestly have not had this much progress planning an annual garden before this class, and I can’t thank you enough for your clarity, support, and optimism during this process!!!”

“Stacey speaks to issues and details most videos gloss over or omit. Furthermore, she has the ability to make complex topics easily understood and quickly implemented—a true gift. Her course is invaluable. Anyone can do this!” – Charlotte (North Carolina, U.S.)

“Your course format has been outstanding. The visual aids really helped me understand and use the information.” – Judy


“Your online Grow Your Own Vegetables Course is the secret to my first successful veggie garden ever!

“Hi Stacey, I have an awesome garden thanks to you. I harvested 6 pounds of peas last week and 5 pounds of string beans last night. I feel GREAT thanks to you. So please know your work is having great benefit to us beginners. Peace and carrots.” – Carol (U.S.)

“Your class was transformational! I am growing so much more vegetables and have a plan of action.” – Laura

North Carolina, U.S.

“As a newbie grower, I really appreciate the coverage of the technologies, especially the home made ones. I just started growing. I could have spent a lot of unnecessary money on things I didn’t need and a lot of time doing things the hard way, but instead, your course gave me clear and easy steps to follow.

“This has really helped me feel it is OK to walk away from the garden after 30 minutes work for the day. I don’t feel so overwhelmed.” – Sue

“Thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly, especially the one about how much of each crop to grow. Truly your course is the best ever and will recommend it to everyone who is learning to garden. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Ann (Oregon, U.S.)

Ohio, U.S.

“In just 36 days I grew $582.00 of produce in my garden! Weekly, I’m averaging about 8 lbs of fresh greens, chard and kale.” – Jiibay (Ohio, U.S.)

The biggest impact for me is having a better sense of confidence that I can grow organic produce successfully, and also the knowledge that I have a safety net if I have questions or problems in the future as an alumni who still has access to question/answer sessions. At this point, I feel it was definitely money well spent.” – Michele (North Carolina, U.S.)

Now I understand why yields were poor in the past: I now know how to find the best space to grow veggies, what to not bother with, and what’s easiest for us. It’s a far more rewarding experience now! Saving agony is a highly valuable outcome for us. Money well worth spending!” – Kei (Michigan, U.S.)

Your 2017 Garden Challenge Begins NOW!

Here’s your step-by-step plan. Let’s see how much you can grow in 40 days…

Week 0 – Ready,

Pre-Challenge Preparations

Before your challenge begins, watch the first set of videos, gather all your materials, and create your 40-Day plan. If you’re new to gardening, just grab my shopping list and follow my plan.

Week 1 – Set…

Plant Your Garden

Before your challenge begins, watch the first set of videos, gather all your materials, and create your 40-Day plan. If you’re new to gardening, just grab my shopping list and follow my plan.

Week 2 – GROW!

Care for Your Plants

Congratulations… you’re gardening! The heavy lifting is done. Continue to watch the videos, water and do some basic pest prevention. (Your plants won’t need much help if you set your beds up right.) Enjoy watching your food grow.

Week 3 – Eat +

Harvest & Beyond

I’ll show you how to harvest so that the plants keep on giving. Once you taste your garden-fresh food, you’ll be hooked and want to keep on going. Tally up your numbers and see how you did for the challenge + I’ll show you next steps.

And when you Enroll Today, you’ll also get access to these extra Bonuses…

BONUS – My Top 5 Favorite Greens Recipes

I’ve cooked for some picky eaters in my life… people who claim they don’t like greens. But they like my food. After you start harvesting all your fresh cut greens, you’re going to look for new ways to make your meals even more exciting. Here are my top 5 kid (and adult) approved plant-based recipes for all those fresh greens.

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Once you join class, you are going to have lots of questions about how YOU can best implement these garden templates. Here's the membership that can take your garden to the next level. Consider this bonus your personal food growing hotline.

* Access to new techniques and templates
* Members Only Live Q&A’s (recorded), to get your latest questions answered 
* Private Online Facebook Community - receive ongoing support from fellow gardeners all around the world. It's more fun growing together 😉

* Simple checklists to help you take your next step forward… and more!

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What You’ll Get When You Enroll…

Online Format Fits Your Busy Schedule

Download what you need, when you need it!

4 Modules: Watch or download pre-recorded videos from anywhere with a good internet connection. Each module is approximately 60 minutes of video broken into a collection of short videos, 3-15 minutes each. Watch any time you like!

LIVE Q&A CAll on April 10 at 8:00-9:30pm EDT. Call is recorded. Submit your question ahead of time and listen at your convenience. 

Your $400 in 40 Days workbook is available for download and print. All templates in the workbook are also available in digital form.

Private Online Community: It’s more fun growing together, so this course has it’s own private Facebook community. You’ll receive ongoing support and the camaraderie of other gardeners. Plus, post those photos to claim your badges and for bragging rights 😉 

What would growing your own vegetables be worth to you?

Major Benefits to Consider....

  • You will cover the cost for this course (and then some) with the money you save on groceries this growing season... even if you've never planted a seed. Your first time, you may NOT grow $400 in 40 days but even if you grew $200 in 40 days, the course would be free at that point.
  • Unlike any live garden workshops, you’ll always have complete notes and videos you can come back to at any time.

Regular $197

Plus, take advantage of this Buy One Give One (BOGO) offer to invite a friend free of charge when you register before December 30th!

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You’re covered by my 30-day money back guarantee

I will assume all risk with my 100% 30-day total satisfaction guarantee. Hundreds of people like you have invested in my training programs over the past three years. I’m confident that if you apply yourself and work the program, you will be thrilled. On the small chance this doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund within 30-days of your purchase. No hassles.

Immediately when you sign up, you will receive access to ALL the video lessons and the workbook to help you start planning your own 40-day garden adventure! All the rules and details of the 40-Day Challenge coming in 2019. Expect instructions for your Buy One Give One (BOGO) offer to invite a friend free of charge when you register before Deember 31st!

Yield Disclaimer

I’m never going to tell you growing food is easy – it requires some elbow grease, knowledge, commitment and a smile from mother nature in the form of favorable growing conditions. My program is intended to help you manage the uncertainties of nature and improve your chances for a successful harvest. But you’ve got to do the work to get the harvests. Your yields are up to you. I can support by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward. Any resource budget numbers referenced on this site are estimates, your local conditions WILL vary. I share these numbers for illustrative purposes only. I like to believe that everyone can learn to grow food if he/she is really committed. The truth is that your yield is related to your experience and increases when you stick with it. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.



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About the Instructor

Stacey Murphy helps gardeners grow lots of food in small spaces so they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables while creating a more sustainable future. She walks eager growers through a holistic plan for the season, showing what to grow, when and where. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979, and her superpower is packing, literally, tons of food into tight spaces.

Dozens of her students who have trained at her backyard urban farm in Brooklyn have gone on to start their own homesteads, gardens & farms. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the earth.

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